Friday, 18 December 2015

You Can Shine Through The Rain

Through my life there are sayings I developed to make it through tough days. 

Today is a tough day! I will get through it, but the challenges seem sometimes bigger  than I can control. 

"The sun still shines when it rains" I had to remind myself that there is a big beautiful sun waiting to shine through this rain... and I let go of everything which can bring sadness and uncertainty.
What bothers a lot today is a word called 'favors'. That's an unkind word. Its a word of obligation, and it has been twisted so much it has become an albatross, with much weight. When public institutions and private companies resort to 'favors' as their favorite word (no pun intended) expect a bribe request next!

Its been a day of thought... what are you prepared to do to be fairly treated, or will you quietly walk away?

What's right, can make life uncomfortable... acquiring a taste for discomfort and a battle!

The sun still shines as the rain pours... and I'm still smiling..
You can shine through the rain... 
It will be okay!


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