Wednesday, 30 December 2015

An Eclipse unveiled - 2015/2016

Ending any year can be a reflective process.
It is drawing near, the time to share a message to close off one year and start another. This makes me think about an eclipse. As the blocking, shadowing or covering of something which will be revealed again- is like a rebirth. Can this be the way we end one year and enter into the new unknown?
Getting past the last twelve month period is something  longed for and dreaded at the same time. I knew where I was and the changes. People and events changed, but the future is shrouded in a veil of darkness or maybe it’s overflowing with light. It slowly comes from its shadowed past to reveal a difference if we let the light in.
The eclipse
It did hoover and gently move to the side
To show its beauty, it timed the reveal
The darkness on show was of a great appeal
The riches it gathered, was never its glory
Under the cover of time, the glow became dim
The shadows engraved the earth with its weight
But the woods could not hold back
As the fears released their hold
Time makes a fool of whatever is unknown
It can never be the pace of this race
That will take the time to the end
Nor will the strength of the hold
Block the ease of the flowing mind
The woven skill of the words which open to truth
Eclipsing all that happens before
Making the newness unfold from old dreams
A way to be refreshed and different
Time moves slowly for you to walk in
To simply walk in and live
Another eclipse....
Maybe it’s easier to start with the romantic movies and the sad songs. They make you laugh but give you that emotional high, expecting something more, while wishing your doubts were less.
Another year has come to a close and I’m all dried up from resolutions and hopeful wishes. My biggest expectation of myself for the next year is;
“Let me have the courage to live once more and not be afraid of the things I am afraid to hope for.”
The eclipse will make it easier to move into the waiting sun ahead, as the shroud of darkness lifts itself off. That protective shield held over for protection is not needed. This is why the sun still stands shining brightly in the sky after the eclipse has passed. The light is always there, we just need to allow the darkest challenges to past.
So, I have cried enough tears, had a full round of pity parties, and I am standing in the midst of the best me ever.
Take a bow, and look around you are still standing. There is nothing more urgent or real than the you standing at the top of your own world- accepting you and the God you embrace.
 For me there is one God, and on 31st December 2015 -a night like any other - being blessed with more time-  I will take my bow, look around and still be standing, saying “Thank You for my precious life”.  I have had another opportunity to see the eclipse pass and the light of my life shine for the world to see.
I don’t have the ten best things to do, or the endless lists of great advice or wonderful things I’ve done. My only advice and sharing is Live. Live. Live.Your light will shine when you live good. It is well with my heart & soul!
This Eclipse will change tomorrow, so those fortunate folks to view before will see another! Surprises are great!

Happy Old Year 2015 / Happy New Year 2016!!!!

 Thank You; Muchas Gracias; Obrigado; Grazi; Merci; Dhanyavaad; Dank Je; Dyakuyu; Xiexie; Danke!

*Credit for picture of Eclipse :NRK News . This is a total solar eclipse  - from Norwegian Svalbard archipelago webcast ; image called by astronomers the Diamond Ring Effect; took place on 20/3/2015. 
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