Monday, 13 February 2017

League of Legends… ‘NGOTB’(New gamer on the block)

Change at any age

This all started when I read an article on Medium “ I’m learning to code at 56. Here’s an epic beat-down of my inner critical self.” by VM Vaughn. The guy is a bit older than I am and he has the guts to try coding — something I want to try. It was a real ‘soul bearing’ post, with a lot of lessons on being open to change — whatever your age! If you have not read it, I’m urging you to take a read.

Its all about perspectives

There is a whole lot of baloney we can buy into, if we keep our heads firmly buried in the sand. Think I managed to yank my very dusty head out of the rubble of misconception recently, when I decided to tackle League of Legends. Yes. I did it.

If there are any parents, older feeling folks, sanctimonious religious people, narrow minded oblivious brethren, and archaic thinking soothsayers, my advice to you is — try it! I like the way the game played me. It really did, and I enjoyed my first efforts so much, it only took twelve hours to keep me away from the computer!

I had much to reflect on when one of my sons decided to leave home a few months ago. We are good- but I did some soul searching to revisit some of the things I stressed him out about. Let’s face it, if I was #MomOfTheYear he would not want to leave. Thus after much thought (it was not very long or hard ) I figured out gaming could be enemy number one, or I could embrace this scary phenomenon and battle till I won.

League Of Legends Review

Okay, so let me share my first impressions from a new ‘mommyviewer’ on League of Legends.
This game is awesome! Yes, it sure is. I died so many times during the learning game I thought I would be banished. You get to live more than three times in a game, once you figure out how to retreat and power up your character. I like Ashe, an exile with a bow and arrow. I felt like yes we have similar characteristics, we are both experiencing being an outsider, and have to use our inner skills to survive.

Let me tell you about the first battle. There are the minions who I’m supposed to stay behind. I also have to use four fingers on my left hand while using my right hand to maneuver the mousepad and click. I’ve got so many things to remember, and then I’m also supposed to kill the bad guys. I forgot to tell you, please do this solo first. You can appreciate the help from random gamers who will play with you and the value of teamwork after!

It is crazy, exhilarating, funny the way I forgot the stuff players must remember. After you die a few times, you want to stay alive. You want to be strong, and coordinated, and as smart as the ‘poor’ son you chastised for playing with imaginary people. Suddenly, I realized I was in his world, and maybe, I liked what I was doing! Surprise. The first game was over and I felt accomplished, and eager not to die so many times the next time.

Sleep was hard after that first game. I was planning my next trip to that fantasy land within gamer world.

The next morning, before breakfast I was back online. I put the kettle on then went to my desk, and there it was waiting for me. I saw an option for another game, this time with gamers. I forgot about plans to read, watch videos about League of Legends before going back. I started and there were people running out with names. Of course I chose Ashe as my character, feeling loyal to my first alter ego. It was great, I was actually in a battle. I raised the volume , something I would complain about before, seemed necessary, and I was mesmerized. The kettle was whistling like crazy, but I could only leave for ten seconds or else I would be penalized for abandoning my team. Damn, this was tough. How could I stop? It took 15 seconds to get back, no coffee in hand. I got a warning on the screen, and jumped back into the game. The hunger pangs were killing me, but I don’t want to be penalized. What a bummer. How can you abandon your team for food? I’m sorry to say I had to dash away again, and return to face another warning. Thankfully I was able to help finish the game. I have points and I’m on the next level. I even got to buy stuff.

This League of Legends is serious business. Gaming is seriously good at developing commitment and loyalty. It’s good against evil, in a medieval way. I can see the possibilities for employee training, in teamwork and leadership. I can even see how we can get people to make more informed decisions, and develop strategic thinking and execution expertise. Yes, The possibilities are limitless.

Overall I like this challenge. There is nothing we cannot do once we open our minds to understanding what we do not know.

As a mother, I have to say, I was wrong to remain steadfast in a traditional norm of what is normal. The experience, has been catalytic in my personal and professional mindset. I stood on the cliff, and left the baggage of perception, and jumped into the unknown valley of change. It sure feels great.
This is a new year. Do something different. Get into the habit of breaking perceptions by testing the theories yourself. Get into the habit of different. You gain every time you let different become the teacher.

There is a lot more I’d like to share from a parenting and business position. So look out for more, as slaylight47 figures out how to stay in the game !

Share your own experience and advice for getting to be a good player — need all the help I can get! Share your heart by clicking on heart if I’ve made you smile, cringe, or feel something! Love is good!

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