Monday, 20 February 2017

Just Thinking Out Loud: The Absent Friend

In this world there will be many people we do not get a chance to meet. We won't be able to become friends or to share experiences because life ended before we met. Last year as I looked around at the many horrors that faced the world an ache came into my heart. Yes, I felt sorry and sad for the families and friends of those persons who passed on to their next life after death.

While we are here on this earth, each day is an opportunity to meet someone we did not know before. There are many refugees and immigrants who have no choice but to leave their homes and families to find a place to call home. Some will be successful, and others will die trying. Is it so hard to love the person who needs a place to call home? We are absent when we are not there. This is for all the persons who lost their lives through the crimes faced from terrorism, civil unrest, genocide, famine, hate crimes against humanity.

The Absent Friend

I love you my friend,
I did not see or know you
I’m so sure our paths would never cross
and the cross you bear is not your own
For we are lost
As a humanity
I have not paused to say I’m sorry
Or share my condolences
You are gone, your life
A mystery to me

And I do wish that I could find a way
To take that bullet on your behalf
Give you a chance to speak
I want to say, I am so sorry
Now my words mean nothing to you
I am lost, and you have gone
From this place, you once belonged

I have no words to give to your family
As they cry and share their tears,
They have lost all your happy years
So now they grieve,
With a pain I could never understand
You left without a plan
My anger and rage it burns inside
For I have never met you, and my love I cannot hide

I am so sorry, I did not get to see you smile
Or sit next to you in a train, or plane or car
I am so sorry, I will never hear you laugh
You had so much to share so much to say
Forgive me, Forgive me,
I live,
Forgive me, I would gladly give you hope
In this crazy senseless world
Cause it’s all I have to offer at this time
It’s now not enough
You are now an absent friend of mine

This is a song, and a story from my heart
I did not see the bomb, and nor did you
The time it came, when the guns waged its own war
With a militant at your door
Taking your freedom
Now I don’t know, how to say
I’m so sorry; I grieve in my own way
Because you are gone
But my absent friend in my heart, you do live on

I am stopping for a moment to say I love you
And someone else loved you too
I’m stopping, and pausing to give your life
A chance, for someone to grieve, because you meant more
Than a memory
Than a word
You are the stories never told
You are somewhere that we go
When we are gone
I love you, forever
You shared my life because you were born.


Poem first published in July 2016...

Closer to Home

My world was rocked a bit last week with a double murder in my neighborhood. I knew the young men killed  through casual interaction, and because I was a customer of their car wash services. They died because someone decided they should not live. They were not in gangs, nor were they involved in any illegal activity. A young businessman  and an employee. It's alleged that the business owner refused to pay a 'protection tax to criminals'. Whatever the reason, I saw those guys getting up early and opening the business place. Twenty-two and twenty-seven. I will write more about it, maybe. For now, I'm reflecting and just needed to say , we never know what our own story will be, or that of our own children and family / friends. 

Crime is universal. Hate is universal. Love is universal. Humanity is who we are. We are a part of the human race.   

Thank you for reading, sharing and understanding!

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