Wednesday, 1 February 2017

The Value Of a Hug

* The world looks on as the United States of America appears to be in self destruction mode. One day it was a world leader of hope, justice, truth, liberty and many positives. The next it was everything we have been taught to dislike and fear - autocratic and totalitarian governing. Adolf Hitler, Joseph Stalin and Benito Mussolini, are examples of the type of governments from history’s past which lead totalitarian states. These are changing times, and we must take a stand  for what is right.

A refugee’s hug
Hug me please
I’m on my knees
Lost my home,
My parents, and I am alone
The war it raged, with bombs everywhere .
Was left standing, no one seems to care.
Hugs should be for free, so I’m asking you
Can you open your arms
It’s all I can give to you.

Hug me please
I’m at the airport today
My mother’s in there,
She was banned in the air.
The people inside, won’t let me come in .
Being born in a foreign land, right now is a sin
A hug from you today is enough as I stand
Praying for a miracle
In this new foreign land.

Hugs are for everyone
At least I think so
From the ravages of the sea
Seeking a land just to be free
If my Father from above, will here my prayer today
I’m just asking for a hug
And to keep the monsters away

Help me if you can
Please just stop hating me
The war we left behind
Made it necessary for us to flee
We’re now sitting at the junction
Of the sky and your land
Simply begging for a chance
To live and be hugged by your hands

The above poem is inspired by my concern for the immigrants and refugees of seven countries as they face a harsh immediate ban on entering the USA.  My friend Franci Eugenia Hoffman has a blog called ‘BrewNSpew‘ and the word ‘hug’ was a challenge issued to her readers. She has been promoting the challenges from another blogger, Bernadette of Haddon Musings . Its quite interesting as I seem to write a different verse for each blog automatically.

The events of this past weekend  27th January 2017, mainly the ban on Muslims issued by the new USA president is alarming. As I watch the news and listen to protests, can’t help but remember the peace of a week before when President Obama was still there. Times change and the character of leaders chosen, can cast a ray of  light or a shadow on the hearts of an electorate.

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