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Why sales as a career?

I’ve been searching through my thousands of pictures from over the years for a post. Its taken me down memory lane. I’m quite pleased to have done so much, seen so many places, and experienced a life full of changes. I’m thinking about sales and how wonderful a career it is, for those brave enough to jump in!
Sales.. what makes a man wake up every day, and go out to work?
Why do you shop at the same supermarket, and go to the same green grocer weekly?
Why do you dream of the car you are not driving or the house you saw on the corner of your street?
There is one thing which happens daily as we hustle to wake and get a move on it – Sales.
As a child I swore I did not want to be a sales woman.No way. I was going to be an accountant or a lawyer. Something that sounded traditional, and filled with money & success! It seemed to find me – this desire to promote, persuade, coax and ultimately sell.
As a child I discovered folks liked to hear me speak. Before I was ten years old, I was busy negotiating, and swapping what I had, for what I wanted. A trader – never, I thought, though my family members always seemed to think I had ‘the gift of the garb’.
Now here I am thirty plus years’ experience at all levels of sales, covering Dental Supplies & Equipment,  Medical, Pharmaceutical, Film, Graphics Supplies, Inks, Machinery, Generators, Ventilation Fans & Systems, Shower Heaters, FMCG, services and a few other things. The bottom line is I love people, so I have to love sales. When I’m asked ‘what is your business?” my answer is first, “I’m in the business of people. Buyers and sellers, those are the people I interact with. I’m either selling, buying or planning, and it’s the most pleasurable feeling I can get while working!
I also love seeing people smile, and resolving difficult customer situations. Why not, everyone needs some sunshine in their day. Thus over the years, it’s been an exciting journey moving from each level of business yet remaining true to my business of people.

The Secret of sales..

There is a secret I’m going to share and I promise it works- if you try it, when dealing with people. Everyone wants something to make them happy today? Find out what that is, and let the person talk about it. Sharing dreams is a way to connect.
I recall visiting an energy company, and the safety manager responsible for making a decision, tabled a proposal for months before I joined this machinery firm. We wanted to sell them golf cars for internal transportation, and it was not high up on his list of decisions. Now this is my first day meeting this guy Stan, and I ask him about himself. He seemed like an introvert, but a courteous guy. So he starts and as I ask questions he opens up. Then its time to discuss my visit, and he asks , “how can I help you?”. Thus my bingo moment begins – and I left with a list of questions and concerns about the offer. That sale was closed in 2 visits. No one believed it could happen, and there was speculation that maybe I got lucky. Well, if repeating that over and over is luck, you need to make it a habit!
People go out to work, earn money to buy or pay for stuff, to make their lives  more comfortable. People will seek out the same place on a regular basis when there is something of value which makes them want to return. It can be in an outlet or online, remember this – received value keeps customers coming back. 
You dream about the house and car that you want to spend the money you earn on- and a salesman is there helping you spend it. The sale must take place either through an online purchase system or the showroom. I can assure being a career salesman is an honorable and noble profession, with benefits that are limited only by self. His role may change, but as long as there is the desire for acquisition- we are here – ‘The Salesmen’.
I’ve been able to live my dreams, while learning about people, and what makes us who we are. Wow, what a career – Sales, and people go together, and that’s a reason to smile daily!
What is it about your day that makes you smile while you work or interact with people?
Thank you for reading! This is from my life experiences. I look forward to your feedback – like, comment, share with others.

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