Monday, 1 February 2016

Let's Talk - Capacity

Capabilities are within your capacity!

"Expand your capacity, and you will do more!"
The human body can do many things. It will move, grow, expand, shrink, break, heal. It has the capacity to do much more than expected by the individual. Our minds will work with our conscious and subconscious expectations of ourselves to deliver what we want. We can only do, what we are capable of training ourselves to do. 
Sportsmen will channel all their mental and physical capacity to train for maximum potential capability. A coach will take his team and expose them to difficult and challenging conditions to help stimulate their minds and bodies outside of comfort zones. The zone outside of one's present capabilities expands capacity. Pushing for more from oneself, is the nature of growth and an intimate awareness of  personal capacity. 
Self awareness is a part of personal development. Explore all parts of who you are to develop your capacity and awareness to achieve your personal best. Learn you, so you can improve!
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