Friday, 5 February 2016

Blogging and that's my Jazz!

Get Ready...

2016 - is a year I take chances and challenge myself to do something different.I need to! My present has changed - life happens and the choices are “Live, live, live.” So here I am jumping into something with uncertainty. 
A few months ago I started blogging on LinkedIn and it has helped me to find solace and a place of peace in my words. I read and commented, engaged and enjoyed sharing with many wonderful people from different places all around the world. Now I understand its a whole new world my eyes and mind had never seen. It has life and can breathe. Social media and social communities are an evolution in technology and has been here for some time. I just caught the train via LinkedIn rail and my journey has fully started. No more standing in line!

Get Set...

Taking a step to share what I normally would to a sales team in person via a blog takes a lot of planning. The first week of two minute daily posts, are done and the images to bring them to life are happening as I type.  Referring to my messages and the reminder to make it mobile ready from Jim Murray looks back at me. It’s back to the visual test on my mobile and there are some positioning issues to clean up. Finally its done and I’m happy.
You can take what you want from all experiences. We have a wealth of knowledge literally at our fingertips and I am very thankful for all the support and encouragement which got me going.
Writing my thoughts, feelings and life experiences are one thing. Sharing what I consider my 'practical business smarts' is another. The career and work experiences are different. They are practical and easy, because I like to break everything down when I’m learning.

My two passions are now on display for the world to receive, reject or be indifferent to. I’m passionate about people and find great joy in personal development and growth of others. I’m also passionate about business and making money. Can both passions find a way in words- I will soon find out!
Am I vulnerable -sure I am.
Am I unsure -you bet your socks I am! I have nothing to lose, and my gut says someone will need my words to help them daily with their work & life.

Imagine, I can be the sales/ operations/ marketing manager you always wanted to get your team revved up and my words are right there at your finger tips.
Why two minutes you may wonder - that's the attention span I need committed daily during the early morning cuppa! The longer posts will be once or twice a month based on feedback. 
I have 2 blogs – Dwordslayer  with Blogger and donnaluisawordslayer with WordPress. During the past two months I've been testing and learning about both platforms.
With Blogger you had a taste of my “Christmas Nostalgia”
I’m living this year and  will share my passions. My challenges are still there, but my fire is renewed and its ready to burn!
The first bit of advice from "Lets Talk"  is called “#Get Off Your Hashtag”
Thank you for your feedback and engagement!
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