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Humanitarian Advocacy 3 - The Real Cost of War & Justice (Part 1)

Find The Light

"In the moment of your hardest trials the sun will come out. In some way it will."(Eversley,2015)
Everything in life has some light in the darkest of times. How do you value life and the cost of justice in a corporate war? Why start a war and what is justice - are the questions to answer.

Life's Cost

There is a cost to live, a life to pay for
Do know your worth
The value of your life
If you can figure it out, give me your tally
Hard to decide, if attributing money
Can you value a part, maybe the fingers you write with?
Do you think it’s worth more than words of a myth?
No one part can be valued more than the other
No one is more important than that unknown brother?
So you live but you die; life of working shame
For money, or power to add to a name
Life misses its mark as you tarry and jest
Love misses your soul, do you even feel regret
Lashing out their voices in rage with threats of a war which is real
Your dagger digging into that innocent’s appeal
Hear, hair as my locks fall to the ground
Samson weakens with your rage
Life has darkened and aged
Justice has a cost, war has one too
Life has a cost, paid for with rules
The system of freedom frees you from outside
The bondage of hatred, keeps you as you slide
You pay with your soul, to suffer the cost
Some pay with their life, as their work is lost
This war is for freedom, you want them to lose
Justice is a cost, paid for by your rule
We all die, when we live 
This adversity is not for naught
Humanitarian Advocacy is to be every-man's thought
Do you win, when you lose, all the care you do not give?
Do you win when they seek, justice just to live?

War at work

Historically when a war is declared both sides are expecting it. War is a reaction to someone trying to impose their belief, doctrine, power and might over another human being.  It is also to take away what belongs to someone else.
In the workplace when war is declared the employee  may only aware after the first attack.
When war is declared there must be a defense either to protect before attack or to defend after an attack is felt. 'War' is defined by Merriam –Webster online dictionary as:-
  1. "a state or period of fighting between countries or groups" (Merriam-Webster,2015/online)
My understanding leads me to think, it is unfair for a person to take on a company, institution, or country in a war. Yet this happens at work. This happens now. There is a war being waged by afflicted employees, where the possibility of surviving is a point of a percentage. The odds are stacked against that employee who must take on the organization, government and sometimes country.

Due to its length it has been divided into 2 parts; Humanitarian Advocacy 3 - The Real Cost of War & Justice (Part 2) highlights the losses in this war.

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Artwork: Artistree

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