Thursday, 11 February 2016

An follow!

The Exploration

Life is interesting. It can even be amazing, and that's the way 2016 has been so far for me. This year has brought a newness which is quite adventurous in outlook. It is me in a different way. I can be all things I choose to be even in a state of physical repair.
As I find the me from before the new me present, I discovered....a big discovery...wait for it... wow.. I'm me. I'm still an overachieving  business woman / entrepreneur, who loves to make everyone happy. I'm thrilled with seeing smiles, and I am passionate about people and life.
Mentally, the flashbacks and memories of the horrible accident will remind me of a happening, I wish to forget. Physically my body says, "wait, you are broken." I'm still here still standing ( or lying down most times), and I'm okay. I'm at the best place I can be today - and so are you! Thus my exploration into blogger's universe has been like going to the moon - and I like it out there!

The Findings

Exploration will turn up new things, and new ways of seeing the same thing! I've discovered the following;
  • My posts  can be seen on as many platforms as I choose, and as often as I wish to share - I have control of this.
  • My audience is really wide, but mainly in the USA , Germany and Spain presently, but its growing - Over 20 countries consistently!
  • My followers like being notified when my posts are published - They are looking forward from many platforms
  • My blogging community is growing and the diversity is great - Wide range of reading - professional, social, business, fiction and so on.
  • Generating 'traffick' (my spelling!) is great with Google, Bebee, Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr and LinkedIn - Its been a three hose race between Google,Twitter and Bebee so far! I'm hoping an outsider can enter to keep the challenge up!
  • Blogging is much more than writing - Its interfacing and engaging with others who you hope will read. It's sharing something you feel and hope will matter to someone!
  • You can make money with your personal blog - after six months of activity you can have advertisements on your blog! That's cool! 
  • I like designing my look, even when there are no fees, I can personalize. 
The Now
This is the world I live in now, and expecting my past to be my present will not move me forward. I love engaging with everyone, and it will take maybe a few months to build that rapport on my own site. I'm okay with change, but will you read me here and comment elsewhere sometimes? I will soon find out!
There is less available time for me now, but I'm 'gung ho'!
My hand still swells with typing, my back and shoulder will spasm if I do more than 2 hrs at a time now, but this is me. This is my present time and I intend to enjoy every moment. What comes next I'm not sure, but I am D-Wordslayer and that will not change! 
You will see my posts originating from these alternative sources, and I hope you will read and engage as you see them! My channel on Itai Lesham's group on LinkedIn and will have all my post links henceforth!
I will continue to read, I love reading. Drop me a line, but please be patient. I'm here, just differently! 
Drum roll - here is a special invitation to connect with me on Dwordslayer blogger or Donnaluisawordslayer Wordpress! I can also be contacted via  
Jim Murray suggested posting a picture of myself at the end of every post, so he can take the credit for this crime :-) I went to the beach a few days ago and this shot I thought was good! Well there is another, so here is my bonus shot, and please blame someone else!
Now this is my favorite picture of all time. Taken when I was trying to get ready! Seems the fun things happen when we are not looking! I could only stay a short while, but it was worth it!
Thank you for engaging with me. Life is so beautiful. Live, live, live! This is my journey.
You can also share with me on Facebook and Twitter. I like hearing from you!
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