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Humanitarian Advocacy 3 - The Real Cost of War & Justice (Part 2)

A Just Society

"Justice is difficult for those with limited or no resources to fight." (Eversley,2016)
In part 1, we saw a war declared, and the battle cry which followed was crushing. 

The organization, the institution, the country have the resources and the capacity to crush the employee who dares to fight and not comply. The Business Dictionary Online defines 'justice' in the workplace in the following way:-
Fairness in protection of rights, and punishment of wrongs. While all legal systems aim to uphold this ideal through fair and proper administration of the law of the land, it is possible to have unjust laws.”(Business, 2015)

Goliath v Employee

How is an employee, an individual to take on this Goliath who holds freedom from economic poverty by employment? Goliath holds the keys to unlock statutory benefits based on compulsory subscriptions to government institutions. Goliath has the power of political affiliations in many countries, and can coerce, persuade and cause distress. If a biblical twist can be used ‘David does not always defeat Goliath’ in many cases intervention must be given by the voice of public support for the employee. Humanitarian Advocates!

What a fight, a war for an onlooker, sitting on the sidelines as the blood pours out powerless and hurting also. Character assassinations, denied benefits and healthcare, denied resources as designated by the laws for sustainability. Some employers will use every possible tool to discredit that lone, single person to prove they hold power and must be right because of it. The only defenders most times are humanitarian advocates, and they are potentially, casualties of war also.

Will no one hear this voice – person sitting next to you, the absence of your colleague? Where has humanity gone? Where is justice? Where are you humanitarian advocate? Where are you defender of the people?
I hear silence.

Who will fight for the stranger who stands in front alone in battle – not I say the rat, not I say the snake, not I say the vulture. I will says the horse who will not stop till the end of the race. In George Orwell’s Animal Farm the statement is made of all animals being made equal, but some are more equal than others, this I remember. 

The superficial order of human resources relations;  with imaginary values, ethics and goals show a public display of what is not. They give something to make headlines,  trinkets of charitable donations and professions of love and good will. It is much easier to accept the devil who tells his truth in lies, than the saint who lies camouflaging  his love for power and himself. 

Spoils of war

  1. The real cost of war and justice is the loss of peace. It is the lost dreams, ideals, and hope for a fair work environment
  2. The real cost of war is the fire that lights the fight in the unexpected warrior, changing his/ her life.
  3. The real cost of war is an ongoing fight for the reform of laws to protect, defend and for justice for all.
  4. The biggest real cost of war is death. Someone dies for others to live. Casualties of war; fallout from injustice; caused by a few hurting many.
As I reflect life, this battle could not have been predicted. Taken unawares – pain, medication, a broken body, but maybe prepared by a love for people and humanity. My heart aches for those who must walk this road, but hurts even more for those who cannot fight. This struggle is real, but hope is present!

Thank you for following this message, these words. Share your thoughts and lets all raise awareness of Humanitarian Advocacy in the workplace!
This has turned into a series of six articles with Humanitarian Advocacy 3 being split into 2 parts. Coming next is Corporate warfare- Life games. 
The picture on the left is the actual site where this warrior was injured.
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