Friday, 12 February 2016

Love - Just Between You & Me

What do I know about LOVE....

Love has many stories. Some are there to show us the way. They light a path to happiness, recovery, and mourning. Whatever we go through when we love, comes from a place so deep inside, sometimes, it hurts too much in the moment. It will pass, the joy, the hurt and  the pain. Love is real and life is imperfect!

Love makes us fools of passion and lust but gives us a reason to taste the sweet struggle of another. It can break you into a million pieces and it can take you soaring up, up to the highest pinnacle of emotional altitude! Love refines the rough and makes it smooth for tasting!

It is the love which flows through our veins and in that beating heart which makes us more, than mere mortals existing for today. It is the rush, the anticipation of endurance, the hope of all we can ever dream of and be crazy enough to believe will find us. Love gives us the stars if  we will reach out!

Will you be loved.. will you love someone – enough? 

Enough- to see past all the imperfections, of your perfect expectation. Will you be brave enough to run wildly to the one who holds your heart? Can you find love for another, who has come forth - birthed from you or from someone who breathes with you?
It is love which makes us stronger – mother, father, sister , brother, husband, wife, lover, friend, children, others and most importantly ourselves. It is our way of seeing the love of God as he loves.

Love is not unconditional. We are conditioned to want more,desire more. Not satisfied without reciprocation!

February is a special month. Two of my children are born in February. It's also a month of love dedications on Valentines Day. Everyday should be that special. Love is special!

Love is still enigmatic, but I know what it is not. If  its love it will be reciprocated, shared, and cannot be broken with testing. Love is worth the challenge, risk and hope. I believe. 
February is my designated month of hearts.. let’s discover love!
Here is is picture of me in my favorite sunshades! 
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  1. "Love refines the rough and makes it smooth for tasting!"

    I LOVE this phrase. :)

  2. I like it. Will comment on your LI post and throw this into this week's Top 7.

    1. Wow Thanks Jim. I am having some interesting discoveries blogging. Seems there is a lot to share.Looking forward to feedback on the LI post also!

  3. I love the phrase "Love refines the rough and makes it smooth for tasting!". Great article.