Wednesday, 13 July 2016

Just thinking out loud: 3

Celebrating long life

I have had the privilege in my life to know some remarkable women. A few are over 70 years and they have had a significant impact on those they meet including me.Long life is indeed a blessing many do not get an opportunity to live for. Each day is a new blessing, when the miracle of life is present. There are many positive teachings we can learn from those who live long lives. In the past we learnt from our elders, those with experiences to share and advice to pass on.
There are many people sharing and giving advice on a life not yet lived. Who do we listen to when we turn on our radios , the internet or television? What is the substance of the experiences shared? Are they mental fantasies or a legacy of a life lived through and through?
There are some extolling the virtues of bigotry, racism, and inequality having lived a life gaining wealth on the backs of those they can oppress.
Then there are those who live their lives exclaiming the need for love and peace, justice, equality and freedom.
Not everything from the past is good, an example being slavery. Not everything from the present is good, an example being terrorism. Hate is never good whatever the season.
We will all die one day. It is a certain fact, and a part of the blessing of life. To everything there is a season...
How do we live with each other?
There is great cause to celebrate those who have lived a long and positive life, when they say good-bye to the world. We are richer having experienced their life.
Just thinking out loud....

Here are  Just Thinking Out Loud 1 & Just Thinking Out Loud 2  These are short thoughts/ messages as I think about things which matter in my life. Hope you are inspired to share your own thoughts!

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