Monday, 4 July 2016


bebee celebration!

Happy Independence Day to all the bees and  citizens of the USA!

Feeling a Buzz on your shores ready to celebrate…bees are swarming!
Today, I am sharing some of the words of a few bloggers from the USA in my network who I enjoy reading. In fact, these writers make me chuckle, laugh, go into deep reflection and retrospection and keep me mentally stimulated by their words! For this day let me introduce some of my blogging comrades, with all the pomp and ceremony my fingers can evoke…
  •  Matt Sweetwood  
I am a fan of Matt, and the first day he liked a post from me I was thrilled for a week! It is safe to say I’m sweet on Sweetwood, no pun intended! He is a parent, businessman and an advocate for men’s rights. He is also a social Media Guru  who ‘knows the ropes’ and more. Here is my article of choice for today. He also has an excellent website you can visit to learn more on this link  He is a bee and this buzz is all about us!
  • John White
John has become a great blogging friend and someone I highly respect. He understands the importance of branding. Through his articles and posts he proves why he is excellent Social Media Marketing Guru. When he shared news of joining bebee it was a ‘no-brainer’- if John is there it has to be great! I gave him a surprise call recently, and he is just as great as he writes! John is now contributing writer with Huffington Post and he is on Inc. I hope to one day follow in his footsteps!
  • David B Grinberg
David is sharp and savvy! I am always assured that David will share something he is passionate about which affects the lives of others. He is very versed in the politics of his country and is not afraid to share his views. There is always supporting research when he writes. Sometimes I disagree with his opinions, but always respect his position which he argues quite well. There are two from him I’m sharing today, because of this special occasion!
  • Laura Mikolaitis
Laura writes some heartfelt comments which caught me from the onset. She is a great supporter of those she reads from! We have somewhat complimentary writing styles  I discovered when we collaborated, on an interview discussion ‘The Blogging Society’ and it was great! She is warm, sincere and writes with a mystic flavor. You can learn a lot more about her in the articles highlighted!
  • Phil Friedman
Phil is the voice which is unafraid of anyone. He has a wealth of experience in writing and publishing, a very wickedly humorous pen, and an avenger of authors’ words! He is the reason I coined the phrase ‘wordslayer’ which is part of my pen name Dwordslayer. There are a lot to choose from, but my gut selected these!
  • Pamela Williams
This lady has spunk and wit and loves people and animals. She has some career advice through her “Chronicles of a Mid Career Change”,so far I’ve counted five parts!  Here are a couple posts to wet your appetite!
  • Lisa Gallagher
This bundle of awesomeness is a kindred spirit and a woman who is not afraid to step out of the box! Lisa is a chameleon, and quite funny at times. I’m never sure how to react until I pass the first paragraph. Lisa gives suspense and passion and her kindness resonates in her words. Her collection is quite wide but here are a couple ‘must reads, don’t want to miss’!
  • Franci Eugenia Hoffman
This beautiful lady is Mrs. Brew&Spew . She writes in rhyme, prose, and riddles which pack a punch! Her website is great, filled with nuggets of sweets and savory treats to go with your morning brew! Have a visit of her site and check out the links below which are recent offerings on beBee.

Sharing the honey!

These folks are just a sampling of who I read from the USA. There are lots more from a worldwide audience. I hope to share my blogging world with you and a beautiful place where bees congregate making honey.
Do you produce honey? Think you are sweet? Share your honey; someone is waiting to read from you at
Hope you enjoy my selections and I’m looking forward to your feedback!
You can also share with me on Facebook and Twitter. I like hearing from you! beBee Me!


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