Wednesday, 13 July 2016


A ritual begins

There are some things in life which leave a lasting impression. I love coffee! 
Some rituals we learn as we grow, coffee has been with me for as long as I can remember. As a toddler I recall my grandfathers on both sides of the family, sharing coffee with us when we visited for vacations. On my dad’s side my grandpa would give us these little miniature china cups (a few years ago I realized they were espresso cups) early every morning after we said our morning prayer! He brewed coffee in a peculator and it had the perfect mix of cream and sugar. We had to drink it quickly, and it was hot, but what a way to start your day! Grandpa would then send us back to our rooms to get ready for the day, while he prepared breakfast with my grandmother, a formal affair at their home.
My grandfather on my mother’s side of the family is of Amerindian descent linked to the Caribs, the indigenous people of the ‘new world’ discovered by Christopher Columbus. Early every morning before the sunrise, I would awake to birds chirping and the smell of coffee being brewed outside on an outdoor kerosene burner. He had an old tin pan fashioned into a coffee pot and would boil coffee granules and then strain it. This coffee had a rich scent and aroma. My grandfather would use a lot of sugar in the coffee as it was strong, sweet and thick. Sometimes he would add milk, but most times it was black. I think he allowed us to have some with milk when we were toddlers, but as we got older, we had to drink it black. The coffee was served in small enamel mugs if we were lucky, or our plastic mugs would be used.In the enamel mugs we got more, but I had a lot of cousins and it was served on a first come, first served basis. We would sit on the steps at the back of the house close looking at the birds  he had in cages, and the ones which felt safe enough to fly close. The smell of coffee has always indicated morning has begun!
Today, I make instant coffee most times. I love Colombian Coffee, Brazilian Coffee, American Coffee, and any type of coffee available. Instant coffee is convenient, but brewed coffee is special.
Coffee has a song, it really does, and I am sharing it here, while I share a cup with my friend Franci Eugenia Hoffman. She is in a different country, but probably online as I write, having her brew as she spews chatter, and laughter on her blog BrewNSpew. Its a great blog to visit – have a cup and a relaxing chat!
Franci is also a bee, on my favorite social media, and that’s a great big buzz to get social, professional and meet people. We write and reminisce, share advice and learn, and its all a buzz away. You can find us in a hive or on a buzz, you choose, and it will be great if you click to find your honey  on any link highlighted – its a surprise!
If you are busy when you are reading, I do hope you will pause, have a cup of coffee and sing, just because you can…
Now that’s a wake up song!
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Credits: YouTube, Osibisa – The Coffee Song (1976) Oronbaba
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