Wednesday, 27 July 2016


This past weekend my mother was unwell. We do not agree on many things, and for a moment I thought she would leave too soon. As is the norm, when I visit we eventually disagree, mainly about differences in choices.My thoughts went to our most recent disagreement and ( in hindsight) it felt like a storm in a teacup, with the teacup being quite tiny. The trivial can be exponential in the moment, passing quickly like the ticking of a clock. Then overcome with emotion, I asked God to give us more time. Thus, I read some of her words, and I am reminded that my own ability comes from those genes shared with all her children.
My mother writes. Yes she writes. She has published a few books locally in Trinidad and writes to the newspapers making comments on current events. Today I read  one of her stories which I am sharing with you. This is a local setting, but applies to different places worldwide. Her name is Maricita  Moreno Eversley.

Consider This

Consider the cross; not any cross but Jesus Christ on the cross. He was brutally nailed in hands and feet to the cross; a crown of thorns rammed down on his head; the spear pierced his side while on the cross, from which blood and water flowed.Why did he go through all these indignities? For the sins of mankind. That is for you and me that we would be forgiven our sins and secure a place in heaven with God the Father. Yet after all that I ask this question:
Does mankind really care a damn about that. The answer would have to be no because if they cared the world would be a much better place. Instead everyone waits to follow on their own trail without a thought about what the Savior suffered. Personally I think people are ungrateful, not to care about Jesus on the cross. But then, they are ungrateful to what they can see, so what do you expect for what is to the majority just a story.
This for instance; the homeless people in Tamarind Square, Port of Spain, they sued the City Council because the council locked the gates on what they considered to be their home. The radio asked the question whether  the population thought it was -ridiculous. Many agreed; some agreed with the homeless people. I think those who agreed live in secure houses, so they cared not.If they were sleeping outside, then they would have voted differently.
People just don’t care about the unfortunate in society. Nobody said one should cuddle them, but help so that everyone would have they in their position consider a decent life. Is that too much to ask? Is it asking to give the Savior a kind thought and try to be a better citizen too much to ask? Think about it. (Eversley,  M. Maricita  May,2016)

These thoughts

Some things seem to reflect the way of many, but in-fact, it is the opinion of few.  I do believe there are more good people in this world than bad ones. However, it is easier to see the negatives  because they are magnified quite publicly. When I look through the eyes of different generations, it is clear, we would like to see more good actions happening. It starts with us. I think we all have a responsibility to ourselves to leave our mark on this earth, better than when we entered; and if we can’t maybe just leave it as it was – not worse.
Thank you for reading. It would be greatly appreciated your thoughts and comments which I will pass on to my mom!
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