Thursday, 30 June 2016

Just thinking out loud...

Pessimism - We all have choices everyday. We get to decide if, in the midst of all the challenges, negativity, violence and depressing news online and in the news - if we can see a silver lining, or something positive. The world is made up of different perspectives and points of views, very freely expressed online. Sometimes there are the voices of skepticism, anger, hate, resentment, bigotry, intolerance,racism and just about every other 'ism' which can be found. Today, they are still there, every pessimistic point of view... it made me smile as I realize, something positive is happening for all those in a pessimistic whirl - freedom to express... and freedom to share. Find the things which can make you smile today. Many years ago the freedom to express publicly was not as possible as it is today, so that is definitely a positive breakthrough.... just sharing out loud.
Have a wonderful day. Be blessed and encouraged


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