Tuesday, 21 June 2016

Alice & Saint Bear

These stories about Alice are tales through my inner childhood eyes. The illustrations by Lei Lei are the inspiration for Alice and her Stuffed Whale Micah, Willow her pet cat, and Saint Bear her teddy-bear friend. When we sleep our dreams are powerful, so to are those of our children. Sharing stories of friendship , love hope and adventure, can inspire great moments for any child. This is my third story of Alice

Its night time now and time for sleep
I can’t close my eyes, because they weep
Today momma took me out with my Saint Bear
Saint Bear and I went everywhere...
Tonight momma opens the door and peeks inside
Alice looks up through very wet eyes
“Alice, please don’t cry daddy will find him soon”
Alice responds, “Saint Bear was lost since noon”

Momma comes in and holds Alice tight
“Go to sleep my dear, he will be home by daylight”.
She stays until Alice falls asleep
Places Micah at her side, and Willow at her feet

Away in her slumber Alice did dream
Saint Bear at a lightpole alone on the street
He was next to the flowers she bought to bring home
He was sitting there waiting, forgotten and alone

Saint Bear wonders if Alice dreams of him on this night
He hopes she will see him under the light
He lifts up a prayer, to be found in a her dreams
Then looks at the tall man across the street

A warm big hand lifts him and the flowers at his side
Then into the car, towards home he did ride
Momma took him, cleaned, then hugged him a bit
Carried him to Alice, and placed her arm around him

Alice awoke in the morning, to tell her momma her dream
Saw Saint Bear on her bed and started to scream
So happy was Alice, with her friends at her side
Micah the whale, Willow the cat and Saint Bear, she did smile
“I love you forever “she shouted with glee
"Thank you daddy we are all back together " 
Alice’s family!

(Written for the 'Illustration challenge' by Dean Owen  ...The Illustrator is his beautiful wife Lei Lei )

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