Wednesday, 22 June 2016

Alice Walks The Plank

Everyone like to have fun, even children. Taking chances and pushing to the brink of whats allowed can be considered creative or rebellious. Through the eyes of a child a happy day can have consequences. Alice pushes the boundaries in this tale!

Today I really did have fun
But think my happiness will be undone
As momma tucked me in she asked,
“Alice how was your day when you went out to play?”
I did try to tell the truth
And hoped she would not find my loot

As Princess Alice I walked the plank
My ship it really sank
The treasures still there on board
Are possessions my momma had stored

From my bedroom and the house
I collected all I had
If she only looked through the back window
She would know that I was a wee bit bad!

Saint Bear, O he did cringe,
Sometimes he sure is Mr Grinch
Willow sat on a stomp to see
As I walked blind- folded on the tree,
The one daddy painted just for me

On my ship I placed my dress,
the new one from momma’s treasure chest
I even let momma’s birdie out,
because she wanted to walk about
Momma’s Tulip I carried outside
And poured a glass of her wine, I forgot to hide

Saint Bear was just no fun, he kept saying
“Alice you will fall from the tree”
Poor thing I should not scare him
He is my very best friend
But must he always caution me

I added the big lollipop from the pantry
Another thing to make me happy
Oh what a sight to see
I was the happiest I could be

Momma asked how my day was, and I really did have fun
I later heard her call out my name, “Alice what have you done?”
I love my momma dearly and do wish that she would understand
It’s not easy to be Alice, the best girl in the land!

(Written for the 'Illustration challenge' by Dean Owen  ...The Illustrator is his beautiful wife Lei Lei )

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