Monday, 20 June 2016

Alice & The Stormy Dream

Her name was AliceAnd she was eight
Her room was her palace
Her dreams different place
Willow was her black cat
A tabby of course
Micah was her pet stuffed whale
With him she was never lost 
One night as she lay asleepA thunderstorm crept into her dreams
She squeezed onto her stuffed Micah with willow at her heel
The bed seemed filled with water
The storm was raging fierce
All she could see was the horizon
As water covered her bed! 
Micah sprung up to actionHe had to save his friend
He understood the water
And from where it all began
T’was Alice eating ice cream
She had hidden in her room
Willow was happy sharing
Even licking the spoon 
He could hear her tummy roaringAs he told her to hold on
So he sped across the water
With Willow holding on tightly - hoping not to drown
As he got to their destination
Alice awoke with a thud
She gazed around at her room
And wondered about the flood 
Alice looked at Micah and WillowAll three on the ground
Thankfully it was just a bad dream
No water to be found
“No more ice cream for me before bedtime “ Alice whispered
To her friends
It is good that Micah saved the day she thought
Best friends until the end...
(Written for the 'Illustration challenge' by Dean Owen  ...The Illustrator is his beautiful wife Lei Lei )
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