Monday, 20 June 2016

Alice & The Tulip

Alice closed her eyes to wait for a dream
If I can think hard, I can make it be
As she drifts off her thoughts of summer are here
Lots of pretty flowers growing everywhere

She sees the red tulip, and it must be real
Summer is here, no snow to be seen
There is the table on the grass
Two chairs chairs to be found
Alice climbs the table, without making a sound

There on top is momma's coffee mug
With a red tulip inside
Why bother to leave, no need to hide
“Willow do come up” , she calls out to her cat
But he is trying to get up, wondering if he’s too fat

It won't hurt if I sit on the table
To see this flower up close
There will be no harm if it comes near to my nose.
The tulip tilts over ...then she hears the bee within
Won't be very happy if I end tonight
with an angry bee sting

Alice releases the tulip and she loses the dream
She awakes to the morning
Thinking, it seemed so real
As she goes to her window
Looking out on the lawn
There is momma’s mug on the table and
a red tulip on the ground

She stares in amazement
Wondering if it was real
Can I have been on that table
I do hope it was a dream!
As she mutters to herself, Willow rubs his tail on her clothes
O dear, there is mud on my ten little toes!

(Written for the 'Illustration challenge' by Dean Owen  ...The Illustrator is his beautiful wife Lei Lei )

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