Tuesday, 5 April 2016


The Past

From the days of  William Shakespeare, writers have longed to cultivate an audience willing to listen. In fact, from the beginning of time there have been writers of words, documenting cultural and social issues. Histories have been told illustrating the wonder of storytelling, imagination and society. Things have simply evolved, with bloggers taking the mantle of “social speech”. This is a historic occasion, a time when documenting life has become three dimensional, embracing reality, perceptions, possibilities!

Technology and the present

‘Big data'( a collection of  data sets aka information ) is mined for ease of access,to ensure speed and reliability of information available on almost any conceivable topic. Does this affect the blogging community – it sure does. Everything we write is collected, curated, pooled through the various social media sites, making anonymity virtually impossible. By whatever name you wish to be called you are known. If you can be accessed you can be found by your unsuspecting audience. The world has moved on from word of mouth to fingertip access. Its absolutely amazing!
Writers want to be found by their audience and technology has made it possible to create a blog to access an international market. A market ready and willing to engage, comment and interact with storytellers.

Access & The Cheerleaders

Now you know you can be found, its time to find your cheerleaders! Who will read your words, respond and acknowledge your presence. If we can borrow some lines from the play  ‘As You Like It’ by William Shakespeare“All the world’s a stage, and all the men and women merely players”. Reality shows have come full circle if related to this play from the 1600’s. Everyone is eager to be seen and heard. Bloggers are the scriptwriters, relating words, storytelling and information easily.
The Cheerleaders log on and avidly search for the blogs they follow, or anything which captures interest. They are happy ‘liking’ sometimes giving an occasional comment. They stroke the bloggers ego, and make the days beautiful with this activity!
There is something special about having cheerleaders who support your words and read. These cheerleaders will share and talk sometimes referring to your work and be inspired or motivated to feel something. For many, they cheer-on preferring to watch from the sidelines. Over a period of time one can have cheerleaders from the site of origin and social media - beBee,Twitter, Facebook,LinkedIn, Medium, Tumblr, Google+ and any other site where blog posts are shared. It’s a wonderful feeling of accomplishment knowing your words, thoughts and opinions are out there in this world!

The screen moves, drawing me closer… it is 1942

We are headed to the studio for a tour. Uncle Humphrey is moving fast as the crowds on the street recognize him and swarm. He places his arm around my shoulders as the paparazzi run to catch some snaps of him. Finally we reach the front of the studio and run towards the door which is opening. We are in. As I turn around the doorway is locked by security but the sounds indicate a mob like group of fans. His fans…
Humphrey Bogart: “Hey we made it baby girl! I’m sorry, you had to experience this. Are you okay?” he asks, as I lean over to catch my breath. 
Donna-Luisa: “Wow Uncle Humphrey, everyone needs cheerleaders but that was some kind of crazy. Running from the very people you hope show you some interest!” My voice gasps as I’m really out of condition, and my heart is refusing to slow its frantic pace. 
Humphrey Bogart: “Imagine, this is a small crowd. I love them but can they cheer in the theater and let me walk with my favorite niece.” He looks at me with some concern, then states “You need to spend some time getting fit, thirty seconds and you are done…” he drawls.As I lean over to catch my breath I start laughing.. 
Donna-Luisa: “Wow, is this what it means to be famous? That’s hard work. No wonder stars have to keep in shape.” as I stand fully, I’m smiling. “So what’s next?” I ask in anticipation. 
Humphrey Bogart:” Now we go to meet a beautiful lady. My friend Lauren Bacall was happy to hear you were visiting. We are reading for a new film, ‘To Have and Have Not’, but it’s early days.” He pauses, “maybe you can try for a part in this movie?” 
Donna-Luisa: “That would be great, can I really uncle?” my excitement could not be hidden! 
Humphrey Bogart: “Why of course my child. I’ve always told your mum, you’ve got Bette Davis eyes, so why not.” He looks at me smiling and I am thrilled.  
Then the moment is gone, and I’m back in 2016, the present!


The Bloggers are a great team wherever they reside. Many nations, different people, and one connecting thread, a common bond – posts / articles. We exist, we live, we share, and we cheer.
Raising my flag to some Cheerleaders on my blog;
Eshita Chakrabarti, Fadli Muhammed,Siraj Shaik, Thomas Trang, Jennifer James, John Marrett, Mark M-G, Kul Bhushan Uppal, Rony Ravriya, Barry G Wallis, Joe Kolaczewski, Secnethia Henley,Stephen Sullivan, Andy Hawkins,Girish Tank,Douglas W Palmer, Aura Alex, Sofia Herrera- Pilato,Janine Osborne, Jay Kansara, Bill (Crane) Newman, Odri Seva, Franci Hoffman, Akella Gourisankar, Eileen Ellrott, Rakesh Kumar Singh, Richard Magnus, Paul Kearley, S Vincent Shin, Delmino Donizete Simoes, David Hubbard, Robert Avsec, Fitzroy Glasgow, Enrico Berti, Phillipe Haelters, Richard M Kiernicki, Laurent Boscherini,Jenny Braswell, Jeremy Garrett,Kaylaa T Blackwell,Osama Aly Ahmed, Robert Belt, Ella De Jong, Giselle Joseph,Nisar Ahmed, Waguih Boutros,Naomi Davidson, Flairra Hunte,Marielle De Natris, Gladys Marie Clancy, Kzat Kagarmanov,Lothar Bongtraz, Helene St-Pierre-Leclerc, Laurence Cox,Lee Dill, Bill Barnes,Girish Tank,Maria Antonieta Becerra Vargas,Pam Russ, Samuel Aytenfisu,Nisha Mithal,Jonghee Park, Dr A Tierno, Chuck Garcia,Kaye Yagasaki,SrinivasReddy Pamireddy,Patrick Gorrell,Slim Land, Blue Sky, Andysliving2, and much more!
…and some more Engagers ( Casting hat in progress)
Doug Ales, Sarah Elkins,Melissa Shull, Qamar Ali Khan, Jeffrey Strickland,Marietta Gentles Crawford, Lorena Mena Camare, John Marrett, Michael Durcan, John Whitehead, Richard Ciach, Mayu Kanamori, Brian McKenzie, Prakashan BV, JC Cruz, Steve Brady, Ravi Bhogaraju, Martin Wright, Chas Wyatt, Thessauron, Amanpan, Abbie Lu, and more!
These names are just a small sample of a bigger picture.  The blogging community is a mixture of activity overlapping and engaging!  As ‘Who Are The Bloggers’ unfolds I hope to share my supporters with the world and their importance in our culture on the internet and my blogs. Evolution is constant, as are storytellers!
IMG_20160327_155543Thank you for reading and engaging! I appreciate your presence! You can check out Who Are The Bloggers Part 1 and Who are the Bloggers..Red-Carders Part 2 for an interesting list – some of my supporting team!
You can also share with me on Facebook and Twitter. I like hearing from you!
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