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A Life of Love for Davita

Some say Love….

What does love really mean to those who dare to love? That’s a question which can only be answered when love is tested. Enduring love, will fight to secure the right to give and receive love in return. There is a love which proves itself over and over again- a mother’s love.

Denise & Dariya

I know a beautiful woman, who is a great friend and mother. When I think about a love being tested, I think about her. Denise is an emotional bundle of energy, with eyes which search your soul as she speaks. When she loves, it’s everything with no holding back. When she shares her family photos there are pictures of Davita. Her beautiful daughter, who was here, for a short time, came to life before she was ready. Her life will never be forgotten. Her sister Dariya holds her teddy bear at night, the only connection to her presence. The stories of who she was remains, shared among the photographs displayed with family photographs. She lived for six months on this earth!
Dariya is a mini Denise. A reflection of her mother, with love flowing abundantly. Her smile is infectious as is her expressions of love for those around her. She will learn love from the ones closest to her, and will share it as she experiences it with others. Children absorb their environment as they grow, and love is a vital part of that environment!
This love to me is remarkable, in it's living reminder. The woman who gave this love for her baby girl, was standing over me as I came out from surgery a few years ago, and then appeared on another occasion in my hospital room not too long ago. She takes nothing for granted; she understands the action of love.
This beautiful vivacious, intelligent and sexy diva makes me smile. She has it ALL TOGETHER…and she has a heart of gold.

Love's warrior

When I think about adversity and love this woman is a fighter. She is a fantastic cook, and an excellent home maker. Yes, she is real. She is a mom, stepmom, wife, daughter, sister, cousin, friend and business executive.  Some say love and loss can make us sad – she chooses to grab onto life, and wins. She makes mistakes like everyone else, and owns it, even sharing.
There is a part of her story which tugs at my heart when I realized the lengths she took  to help save her daughter's life. No stone was left unturned. Many of us mother's / parents make that decision, because the thought of not giving all does not exist. It is how we give love. 
We choose how we love, and who we love. For better or worse we are born into a family or into this world hoping to be loved. At birth the first breath of life from a mother  is a bonding experience. That feeling at first sight for most will not change. It is planted deep inside a mother's heart. Perfection is life, however it becomes real. Therefore love, should be perfect in spite of challenges, or irregularities with birth. This love is real, and this mother is real.
As I face my journey towards recovery, she is with me in my thoughts and spirit – and if I gave her a chance she would be here every single moment she could. Denise proves love has a soul. A mother can feel and love a child so much her memory lasts with love and joy.
Mother's day is about love  and family and a life of love makes Denise shine like all the stars in the sky!
In memory of Davita Nancoo..born March 2,2007 - departed August 26,2007
Let's remember those parents who will fight and make that sacrifice for love. Share with me and inspire...
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