Monday, 11 April 2016

Of Life Not Spoken

A  Tumultuous Time

All that I want is gone for now. Welcome the free world calls…
I would like to write about happy experiences. The things which make me smile. The ocean’s waves, playing with my feet, the bluest sky favoring me with the yellow sunlight. Entrepreneurship, mentoring, sales, business development, marketing are hidden in my cache as my focus is on the present.  We cannot feel for what we have, those emotions are left for what is lost.
There is a throbbing in my right arm pit that does not leave me. My right scapula in my back hurts an indescribable pulsing pain, which rises and falls unexpectedly. The pain in my shoulder and the scar all seven inches reminds me that life can change at any moment. The tingling in my fingers as they tap the keys on the laptop, my right hand shaking as the swelling starts reminds me my hour has past.
Breaking does not  happen when you are struck from behind by a car which sends you up, and then down onto the hard concrete surface. Breaking does not happen when you lay on the ground, and only the shrill scream of the innocent viewer seeing the car moving back to crush you, makes you aware of the end. Still yet you don’t break when you see the wheels, black rolls of rubber, moving towards you which you cannot stop, like the gloom of death so near.
Shattered, into a million pieces your world stops, and you fall,the body, the mind, the spirit,the soul reaches out to hold to catch a ray of light. Screeching, the brakes stop mere inches away, your heart beats rapidly, breathe… death does not come, but in rolls hell.
We must pray for the living not the dead, when tragedy occurs. Those who live on can only hope that justice can be just and the laws not favor the powerful with wealth alone. Evil exists as I did not know, my world a shallow belief, that doing good , being kind and fair  would all come back to me. Sending out the messages of positivity and inspirational guide, smiling encouragement filled with hope, a beacon for mankind.
Evil exists and I would do well to accept that, I’m reminded by those caring for my broken body, mind and heart. My spirit and faith shattered beyond belief. I hear Bob Marley’s truth ring true, “Oh pirates them ah rob I…” unbelievably  hoping  there is some humanity left, while I live.
Do you leave your men in the battlefield?
 Do you leave your men when they fall in battle
Do you take them to the front, yet walk away when they fall
their eyes are open, and heart beating still
do you cross over, turn away
when they touch the ground....
 Breaking comes when denial stops. When careless disregard for human life is revered, when defense is frowned upon and violation of basic human rights begin. Click click, the heels tap, subterfuge has a voice in the corporate corridors of hell. Evil exists, when humanity becomes the scapegoat of the power hungry wolves, as they quickly move to digest their prey – the fallen.
Sometimes, life is unkind, but we must believe in life anyway. We must believe in a fair and just legal system even when it fails to protect and serve its followers. We must believe it is wrong to bear guns to hurt another even when legislation is in place to protect and serve.  We must believe that no wrong deed will suppress the right hand of justice. We must believe justice has two hands, one for good and one for bad. We must believe in the concept that all life has value, and that power and wealth should not crush those it harms.
I smell the salt in the air as the waves rush up to me. In my dreams I do not awake to this tragedy. Yet dawn comes, my eyes open. Today when heaven releases its doors of morning light, the vestiges of sadness waits, it does not leave me alone.Yet still there is joy, and there is beauty, because there is life. The smile escapes, looking out through my window. There is hope for another today.
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Artwork: Artistree

First published on LinkedIn Pulse  October2015 

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