Friday, 8 April 2016

Because Love Knows

Sometimes we must celebrate a life which is gone. Life departs and we can grieve, feel loss, and sometimes feel very very sad. Words,can be challenging to express our deepest thoughts. So we give our best wishes, to those who remain behind, fortunate to have known of this beautiful life for a time. 

In Memory of You...

I did not know you Sarah 
But I knew of you from
The one who wrote of you
The one who felt something so deep
It traveled to my ear
and I did hear
About this strong woman
Filled with a capacity to move beyond mountains
Beyond all the challenges which found their way to you
Never for a moment letting go or giving up
Your life a spirited definition of womanhood
To the point of  beautiful heroine
A family's loving pride 
I have not had the privilege  
to meet you on this earth
To have you smile at me
But I know from your betrothed
That you captured his heart and he did not let go
He held your courage as his own mantle of strength
Your heart, came first
His heart was filled with yours
This earth has seen the magnitude of your love
Blessed with your sons to hold
Your vision to this world 
I have never met you 
Yet I feel our paths have crossed
Your life and love
Defines and defies life
You took it all
You stayed the course
As you go to your place
Above the sky
Far across the sea, we do grieve
You've left this world
Far better than when you came
It is an honor to have you in memory 
We may not have met 
But your own love
Shared a story, much bigger than a dream
Forever, mother, friend, lover to the end
I salute you
Your life
and  love for family

...dedicated to SC & MC

Life is like a treasure. When you find someone you have found a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. When the rainbow is gone, they leave behind a treasure chest of memories!
Be encouraged.


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