Friday, 15 April 2016


beBee  Me…

Humor me when I say I need to beBee me!
Wednesday was tough, and it took me back to a time when I needed to remember that I’m resilient! It seems every time there are challenges I can find these phrases and thoughts jumping to get out, so this is what pulled me out, and got me laughing!
Laugh with me, you know you want to chuckle! Dr. Seuss has warmed many hearts through the years with his humor, and I could not resist sharing this rhyme with a message in his style!

I’m me
I will always be me
You may want to beBee me,
If you need to see me!
You can try a gazillion ways to impress me
But beBee me
And I will beBee you
If you have a hive, I need to see
beBee me, I’m serious
About being funny
If you have a hive, and it needs to grow
beBee me, will share what I know
If you think you need a really great place with activity
beBee me, and I’ll beBee you
Just think of the buzz when you get to see
How I beBee you and you can beBee me!
Be sure to beBee your new friends & business associates
at beBee a professional family
beBee  Me!

Do words need to sound serious to make sense? I'm trying to be seriously funny and make sense!

There are many ways to get a message across – sometimes the best way can be with laughter and poking fun. Maybe if we laughed more, we would worry less about the things we cannot control. Maybe we can become better at whatever we do, when we laugh at ourselves. There is a message in most funny stories, find your funny, and beBee  Me!
Humor is good and necessary - I'm beBee happy!
If you need to get social, get blogging, hang out and chat, read something great… you can find it at!
See you in the hive! 

Thank you beBee Team - I can beBee ME !


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