Understanding Life


Photo Credits: unsplash.com/Alex Ringer

Understanding Life

I sit alone and think
Wondering about my time here on earth.
When we are born
It is our death which comes next
We walk through this world
Not knowing the day, the hour, or the moment,
when we will say goodbye.

Do you live to die or are dying to live?
When life happens, we grow
And when death is coming
We do not know.
Thus, we forget that time
is all we have that we hold,
purposing ourselves on earth.

I sit alone reflecting on,
all the folks once judged, maybe also being judged.
The unfairness of time,
it does not give time for full recompense.
There is joy and kindness later on in life,
because we learnt from our experiences
and lived our lessons well.

Can we redo from birth to present?
Is there a way to turn back the clock to be-
a better human, maybe?
Yet the curtain will fall,
when our time is called,
and life as we know it
goes asunder.

I reflect with my God,
The Creator of all.
I think and wonder,
at the beauty of creation and the finality
of our existence.
Each and everyone of us, molded from atoms of dust,
created to live and die on earth – until eternity.


Copyright ©2021. Dwordslayer and Donna-Luisa Eversley. All Rights Reserved.


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