Winter Dreams


                                             Photo Credits: Finnigan

Winter Dreams

I walked outside to a chilly breeze
The weather I love makes me freeze.
My mittens are on and my scarf wound tight.
Going out to do shopping and get home before night.
Winter in London is happiness to me
It’s a tropical reversal
And all I want it to be.

Catching my first flight
Eight hours away
I found to my surprise, I wanted to stay.
The clothes and the fashion
The food and the fun
My first visit to London in winter,
Was loved by everyone.

When my business was finished
It was onto the sights
And I was ever so entranced by the cold winter’s night.
I never felt the frost bite
Nor the chattering of my teeth.
It was pubbing and laughter
I was in my glee.

The day came too soon when I had to say goodbye
My heart now belongs to a cold winter’s night.
A fairytale that came through
For a little girl that was me.
In the stillness of nights
I dream
Of winters to sleep!


My Thoughts...

Growing up in the Caribbean I was always fascinated with movies and stories that were in winter. Even when I did not know if I would see it in real, I did at 30, and it was amazing. My first visit to my dream became a reality, and unlike most persons I know, can’t complain about the cold. The first time I experienced hale was also glorious, and as I stood outside a store, the icy drops were like being pelted with ice cubes. Amazing!

Keep dreaming your dreams, and maybe one day you can make them come through!

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  1. Replies
    1. Hello Tbreit, appreciate your comment. Thank you have a wonderful day!

  2. Delightful piece, Donna-Luisa! We share the same memories only at a different time in our lives. I think I was 38 when I was in London during wintertime.

    1. Indeed, seems like we are connected by many stories you liked it, and I appreciate your sharing and comments :-)


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