Friday, 2 September 2016

The Beach and The Lighthouse


My Favorite Place

Yesterday I went to the beach, and this is meant to relax and inspire!
I like the journey to my favorite beach on the island. It can take two hours or a little more based on traffic and road-works.

To visualize my journey here is a map of Trinidad. I left Chaguanas and headed to Galera Point in Toco! Hope you can find it…

Trinidad map

A long way to go

This beach is unlike any other. There are trees, forested areas, and a winding road which runs parallel to the coast line. Here are some photos taken with my LG Nexus mobile phone.

Toco1a            Toco1b

This beach is very sandy and grainy with lots of coral and pebbles, and for the first time I saw quite a bit of seaweed on the shore and in the water. There were people enjoying their sea-bath and quite a few children around, having a last minute frolic before school reopens next week. For me though it was just the sky and the water suspended in time.
Toco2a (1)    Toco2C   Toco2b

On this trip I promised Dean Owen I would write his sister’s name -‘Natasha’ in the sand – after reading his article on her life, and the link is here in the title… ‘She’s Blue‘. I tried to add ‘Owen’ and the water kept coming faster than I could write.


The road which takes me to the  beach ends at The Lighthouse at the top on Galera Point.

  Toco4c (2)     Toco6

Toco4c (1)    Toco7b (1)

There are picnic tables and benches scattered around the lighthouse area for folks who visit and spend time inhaling the clean crisp sea breeze. Looking down through the mangrove and trees from the cliff top, is a breath-taking view of the ocean ,waves and rocks.

Toco5a        Toco5c (2)

There are many things I’ve taken for granted through the years and going to the beach is one of them. Its always there. If I can’t get to one I’ll go to another. Times change, as do surroundings. Yesterday, I noticed some changes to my favorite beach. There were a few shops set up on entering the beach, a lifeguard post, and signs of commercialism from our local tourism agency. There was also a lot of garbage, plastic disposable wares, bottles and evidence that change may not be healthy for this environment.

Toco5c (1)

More than nostalgia

I took my photos hoping to avoid the new changes, and chose to keep my memories as they were. Life seems to be a lot like this beautiful place I’ve known for all of my forty seven years. In its natural state its innocence is revered and as time passes awareness creeps in. We are bombarded with speed and efficiency, economy and ease, newness, and unpleasant realities.
Who will take the garbage out of your life, when you use disposable relationships and leave them littered as you have consumed to your satisfaction. The garbage comes from using and leaving something behind. Why not take out the garbage, recycle, and keep what is good. There was a time when we would use Tupperware containers to take our food to the beach, returning home with them and washing for another time. I’m guessing habits have changed in all personal and practical aspects of life. It makes a lot of sense now. Will you minimize the garbage in your life?

Toco7b (2)

Maybe this is a season of understanding and a meeting of my past and present moving forward to a new tomorrow from today. Take a walk in the park, a walk on the beach, or simply look outside, this may be the last of your favorite place as you know it.
Hope you enjoyed my day yesterday and my new memories. There are two other pieces to share…

Found this treasure in the rural village! They are everywhere…the bees!

Be hut

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  1. Being here in Western Canada, with temperatures hitting the freezing mark over night, it's sure nice to see this! Very much enjoyed. Don. @dwg965

  2. Don, thanks for visiting my blog. I think you would fry if you were here..I'm looking forward to a good old cold visit somewhere 😉
    The beaches are great and I will be sending some sunshine via video clips soon.🤗

  3. Don, thanks for visiting my blog. I think you would fry if you were here..I'm looking forward to a good old cold visit somewhere 😉
    The beaches are great and I will be sending some sunshine via video clips soon.🤗