Tuesday, 27 September 2016

Bee Social Bee Happy

A Happy Day

This morning, I awoke and I'm happy. What is different about today may not appear significant to someone, but to me its extra special. I'm not sure what is going to be different but expect a great day. To be awake means another day to be the same or be different.

Some things can look the same, but when you look closer the differences are facing you.

You can find what you seek, and you can be who you want to be. That's within your control.

Its time to BEE SOCIAL...

Just warming up to more.. Bee Social

As you cool down, remember to Bee Social....

When each day is over, and we reflect, we can see how much sun and light came into our day, or how much darkness blocked our sun. We can see hope or we can feel helpless.

Sometimes what appears to be falling is actually giving you a change to stop, and take shade. Maybe it's all part of the lessons in our lives. I don't have all the answers. None of us do!

Find the beauty in the things you may never see again - like a baby learning to walk, or the man around the corner asking for a little help. They are in your life for a reason, even if you don't capture the moments. This is your life. Take it, and give something good in return. Be happy, be blessed, be true.

I choose to be happy, while I am here on this beautiful earth.

Thank you for reading, commenting and sharing. Words can make a positive difference to someone when we share.

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