Thursday, 8 September 2016

Finding the lost runner

I’m awake

It’s after 3:00am in the morning and I’m writing a quickie note. I’ve already had five hours sleep and I’m restless. As I check my Facebook account an article jumps out at me. Maybe its the photo, or maybe its the first post by a friend in a runner’s magazine / blog which catches me.

Pascal Derrien is a blogger and friend from Ireland. He runs. He cycles. He does the stuff I want to do, so reading his words is uplifting. I’m inspired, motivated and sometimes in awe. Here is the article I read, ”Lost In The Midlands On An Epic Adventure  from  . The tag line for The Smart Runner is “eat smart, train smart, run smart”- I think they mean ‘live smart’!

Looking back

My daughter was around two and a half when I realized I needed to regain my fitness and relieve the stresses of being a single working mom. Coping with everything relating to parenting was always better when I felt good about myself. My sons were twelve and thirteen at the time, and my neighbor was a fitness instructor. We would leave for the stadium at around 4:00 am and return home by 5:15am. Her name is Althea and she was extremely fit and I felt motivated having a buddy work out with me. She is also one of the most caring and selfless persons I’ve ever met. As a personal trainer and friend she was non judgmental, and never let me give up. Working out with a buddy makes being accountable easy, especially when they can call your bluff. Tough love was her mantra.

There were five persons walking or  running around the stadium early every morning. One of the men was very over weight and looked like he could’ve been in his fifties. This man was consistent, and for an entire year, he never stopped his early morning ritual. We were consistent most days but went three days a week. After some time I noticed he had lost a lot of weight, and felt the need to compliment him on his success. This man advised that he was diabetic and had other medical problems thus decided to get serious about his life. His doctor advised he walk daily and change his diet.

Another thing I recall about those early morning walks / runs is the camaraderie and silent relationships built based on presence. We knew everyone by sight, and some by name. Even the security guards would know who we were. When you go somewhere often you are not anonymous, and that can be a good thing. People will say, ” hey you are doing great, keep it up,” or will ask, “how are you doing today, you don’t appear to be well?” Someone knows you exist and that matters to all of us.

Being fit is a way of life. It does not happen unless you make it happen. Looking at others won’t make you fit. Inspiration can only plant the desire, you have to make it happen. Sweat comes from action. Everything in life comes from action. When is the best time to do something – today, now.

This morning, I feel inspired. It’s time to start being consistent and take a step outside of my comfort zone. It’s time to let that morning air be inhaled from the outside and not from within. It’s time to stop finding all the reasons why I can’t, and not be afraid to do what appears to now be a challenge. What I know won’t matter or impact on my life unless action accompanies the knowledge. I’ve done it before. I’m inspired.

Going to get my sweats and shoes on :-)

Have a wonderful day, and be inspired to pursue your dreams! As you read, if it resonates, comment and share, maybe we can inspire the dreams of others to be a reality!

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