Friday, 16 September 2016

Feel Like Smiling: Right Blog

Fun Alert...

If you don't want to smile,
don't want to kick off your shoes
and hold that broomstick (or pen) like a microphone
If you don't want to forget the things that make you want to scream
If you don't want to do the unthinkable
And Bee Happy

Then this post will make you puke...
There is hope
There is happiness
There is silliness
There is that smile
and laughter
and it just can't wait to come out...

...If I got locked away (would you miss me hahaha)

.. and when silly gets me warmed up for the second round

Can you love me if I'm different..

Then I get all fuzzy after rapping... Where Is the Love

...and now a glass of red citrus juice with UB40 wine aged to perfection...I'm having grapes in a bottle!

Hope your lunch hour, brunch moment or hectic evening slows and you smile. Maybe its night and you're working late, and maybe its just time to .... Bee Social !

Bee Social...

Relax and enjoy this moment. Music like people can be different, but most are as sweet as honey!

                            Make Happiness a Choice
                         Bee Social

YouTube Credits :Mauhli - Locked Away Lyrics - R. City ft. Adam Levine
YouTube Credits :Meghan Trainor - I'm Gonna Lose You Featuring John Legend
YouTube Credits : Swen Plays - I gotta feeling - Chipmunks version
YouTube Credits: Black Eye peas- Where Is The Love
YouTube Credits: Dan Lancelot - Steel Drums UB40 Red Red Wine by Dano's Islands Sounds

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