Saturday, 19 March 2016

Reflections on ALL.. A Mindset to Live!

An Attitude

Today as I reflect on ALL that we have I am grateful and appreciative for this wonderful life I awake to. From my Facebook page, my thoughts..

"This life is worth so much more than we know as we live it! Amazing! This year I started off declaring, with each moment given I will live. Whatever my struggles and challenges with my spiritual, health, family, relationships, work, and everything else - I will live each precious moment.This has been an active mindset- and heart set change which is reinforced often. The results of this change shows everyday...I visit one of my doctors every couple weeks and the receptionist is my paparazzi. She takes these great pictures, and I can see the difference in me. Seems my friends can also :-) .. Thanks for all the great comments and phone calls on the transformation as this journey called life continues. The light in me is more a reflection of my acceptance of the precious jewel we all have called life! It is rare, it is unique and we all have been given this original gift by our father Jesus Christ...
No one is perfect yet we are ALL perfectly made. No one is better than the other because we ALL have something in us our creator loves. We are ALL here on this earth for a moment. Let your light shine. Let your challenges not be the subject of your life but the object of your victory in this life! Be Blessed & Encouraged!"
A personal message to my family and friends and YOU on my heartfelt condition! Smile the world will smile back!

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