Tuesday, 1 March 2016

Walk On Water

The unseen

In 2007 I started my second business venture and left the corporate world. It was during this time I understood what it means to have an entrepreneurial spirit. Entrepreneurs are a different breed of people. We risk. We believe. We have to have faith in what we are doing and our ability to succeed.

There was a time when I faced one of my battles, an adversity of a corporate nature, and learnt my spiritual convictions were needed to persevere. Let me share my prayer which has been on the refrigerator door from 2007 when written;

Walk on Water....
Lord I promise you today
that if I am blessed with another moment
another second,
another day,
without fear that I will sink
into the depths that are so very deep
I will walk towards you.
I will place my hands in yours and let you lead me safely
to the place you want me to be.
Lord, if my eyes should be moved from you,
if only for a moment, a second,or even a day
and the depths below should rise to consume me
don't let me go.
If my hand feels like its pulling away
and my voice rises, and you feel and hear
an uncontrolled fear within me
Please Lord, don't let me go.
And Lord with the precious time,
That I am asking for,
in this moment, second, and this day
I want to thank you,
for everything you have blessed me with
And I praise you for who you are.
I love you.
As I move my feet forward
to fulfill today's promise
Thank you, for walking with me on water.

This is the source of my strength and courage. It seems that this is the time to share my personal prayer.
We are human. Yes, we feel afraid at times, but we must overcome that fear, and move forward in faith, with determination and courage. Never give up. Walk on water!

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