Thursday, 24 March 2016

Who are the bloggers...Part 1


It's a different world when you enter social media blogging. It's a world of writers who write what they feel, love and share. It's interactive and engaging enabling conversations, opinions and sometimes energetic debate on social and global issues. This world exists via the internet. Technology allows us to get close and personal, forging relationships without the need for physical interaction.

Many years ago, before the internet, writers were restricted in the avenues of sharing their words. Publishers and bookstores were a major part of distribution. This has changed, with technology making publishers and bookstore-owners of anyone desiring to create their masterpiece. Who determines a 'best seller' largely rests with marketing savvy, distribution and networking.

Websites with blogging platforms have made writing and sharing easier. Bloggers can choose from a wide selection of  social media sites and everyone is looking to host 'content'. Value and quality are mixed with varying levels of experience and purpose. The audience gives credit through 'likes', 'comments' and the golden 'share' an indication of satisfaction or interest.

The value of the 'host' can be the deal breaker. Bloggers must be or engage in the skills of marketers to help share their blog of words, thus possibly becoming 'Blogging Entrepreneurs' along the way.Writers, authors, bloggers all write to share their words, and advertisers need this forum to show their 'wares'. It has become a very influential business in consumerism.

The New Age Market

Blogging provides an opportunity for engagement, and this creates an opportunity for showing 'relate-able goods and services'. The airlines may be interested in a travel blog, and supermarkets may gel with food blogs, the choices are all out there. Have you thought about how to make your blogging a source of income? As readers engage you can be the catalyst for so much more!

Just some more thoughts looking at my laptop, and thinking about 'the bloggers' in my life. As I gaze at the screen I’m holding back a smile and a chuckle. Who are these bloggers? The ones that jumped into my Dell stratosphere and gave my words the urging to come out...

The Scene is set 

Time changes... it is 1942 and I'm speaking to my famous 'Uncle Humphrey'. We are in his office based in Hollywood. 'As time goes by' is playing in the background..
HB and DL a blogger’s fantasy… 
Humphrey Bogart: "So Donna-Luisa, I see you made it to the ‘bloggers world’. What ya gonna do now?" He exhales as he slumps his body into the chair behind the desk, looking directly into my eyes, knowingly.
Donna-Luisa: "I love it all!" The words gush from my mouth as I walk around the room. “It’s thrilling when my words have their stage. It’s like seeing you perform. The way you make the audience feel, and want more is addictive Uncle Humphrey.” Looking across at him I stop, pausing to blink more than once.
Donna-Luisa: “You sure look like Jim Murray, Uncle Humphrey. Maybe he looks like you…hmm” a smile flickers across his face as I sit on the chair facing him.
Humphrey Bogart: “Can there ever be another me in this world? Well my dear, he must be really something special.” His chair shifts as he leans over the table bringing the glass in front of him to his lips. He pauses and smells the liquid, inhaling the scent of whiskey on the rocks before it gets to the depths of his throat.
Humphrey Bogart: “Hope you will stay a while. I need you to read this script, someone wants my services. What do you think baby girl?” he asks as he hands me a script. “Do you like suspense and drama? Maybe I should pass this to Phil Friedman, the crowds loved him in Casablanca?
The music stops, and my reverie ends...Its 2016

The Bloggers

The bloggers have personas created based on their writing and engagement style. Phil Friedman is the Mighty Fighter/ Marketer /teacher of all that is fair and right. Jim Murray is the  Chief Editor Marketing mentor / teacher. Aly B. Moreno is the Innovative Leader (moonlighting as weekend party A&RG Mania) encouraging growth with soft skills leadership. David B Grinberg is the Political- civil rights strategist. Shubhanshu Garg is the Chief Wordslayer supporter / business software Sales leader. Dr Gary Sharpe & Deb Helfrich are team Innovative solutions for Parkinson's disease and communication. Milos Djukic is the Engineering scientist who will discover metals which do not corrode at all. Steve Karlik is the Creative social media technology genius.  Lisa Gallagher is the passionate Head nurse and mental health strategist. Laura Mikolaitis is the Chief supporter of blogging citizens, Ibukun Adebayo is the Chief financial and humanitarian Advocate. Stephanie Loraly Moreno Mena is the Chief Supporter of likes and words. John White is the Leader Social Media Solutions / Ambassador. Alan Geller is the After Dark Music Media party Guru. Shenoy UK is the Chief Humanitarian example. Karthnik Rajan is the voice of Research/ data and writing. Marcelle Hinkson is Chief Spiritual encourager / motivator. Susan Rooks is Chief Grammar Educator. Rod Loader is the Philosophy storyteller. Micheal Clarke is the Ambassador of Family Love. Benjamin Pinto is Major Business analytics & marketer! 

The list goes on (with a lot of surprises), as does my conversation with 'uncle Humphrey Bogart'. As I share my bloggers to this world, these are relationships being built. These are beautiful people who engage with me and others. I appreciate this new world which became known to me. As Citizen Blogger, who am I, and who are we to each other? 

These thoughts are playing with me, as my words continue building stories, and many can be discovered via 'hives' on . My blogs are being built word by word  D-Wordslayer and donnaluisawordslayer have been a learning experience to date and this has been good. The future looks beautiful.

LinkedIn was and is a great place to start blogging. It is a great source of traffic for any blog. However, like flying a plane, you need a landing place to set up your base and refuel while passengers get on board!

In part two, I will be sharing even more bloggers from this world and some thoughts on marketing your blog. Citizen Blogger signing off!

Thank you for reading and engaging! I appreciate your presence! Feel free to thank Jim Murray for his great blog and sharing a 'picture' at the end of his work! I was trying to get creative and follow his lead, he just raises the bar soo high !

You can also share with me on Facebook and Twitter. I like hearing from you!
Artwork: Artistree
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