Friday, 25 March 2016

Who Are The Bloggers ... Red-carders Part 2

Who are The Bloggers...holding red?

The blogging community is very much like civil society. Expressions of interest will be voiced and swords aka pens aka keypads will be drawn. There is much adrenaline when words flare at fever pitch, masked in cryptic messages. The hosting post then resembles a WWE ( World Wrestling Entertainment) match without a prize for the winner. I find this fascinating to watch and wonder at the excitement raised. A heated discussion can flesh out points and raise real concerns and solutions.

Human behavior transcends technological mediums. People desire respect,courtesy and fairness wherever they congregate. I like the ‘Red-carders’. They are the voices which stand up for something, and are not afraid to challenge the status quo. Who are these paragons of criticism,compliments and fearless writing? These are the ones I favor in the category 'Red-carder' of the Blogger Society…

Itai Leshem the Avenger of bloggers & master tactician, Reena Saxena bold and fearless Chief of opinions and objections. Pascal Derrien is the Commodore of Humanitarian Relief and strategy. Paul Drury is the Chief Justice Blogger Awareness Awards. Ramesh Sood is Commander Communication battles. Thomas Jackson Major Red-carder Extraordinaire. Bruce Johnston is Chief Policy Designer & Communication Strategist. Raising fire and ire are Phil Friedman Jim Murray Justice League Duo (2nd portfolio). Lisa Roche is Chief whip Commentator. Christian Farber is Chief Authenticator. Trent Selbrede is Chief Underdog Supporter. Paul Croubalian is Chief Technology expediter / Twitter guru. 

What I find distinctive about 'Red-carders' is they take a stand and will walk alone if need be. They can hold their own, are good human beings, and that's something to brag about. I know these folks online. I read their words and comments. These are shakers and communication movers.Unafraid, bold and sometimes brazen!

According to - "red is a color of energy, passion and action." This meaning embodies my perspective on my 'red-carders'!

The screen shakes on my laptop and I'm swept in….it's 1942. 

Uncle Humphrey Bogart is sitting looking out the window of his office. He turns to me….
Humphrey Bogart: “Honey, how is it going with your beBee ?" He laughs as he looks up..."Have a seat, you look special today. Did you close a big deal or snag a good bloke” He stands and slowly walks over to the chair, pulling it out for me to sit.
Donna-Luisa: “Uncle Humphrey, wow what are you drinking... Too much scotch today!” A playful chuckle escapes as I respond, “ beBee is great. It is simple and today I will set you up. You will find it easy to use and you have access to great information, storytelling and all my articles.”
Humphrey Bogart: “Actually baby girl, I set myself up already. Did you see that great post from David Grinberg - 'beBee Ready to Swarm North America with Affinity Social Networking', fantastic!”
Donna-Luisa: “But I thought you did not understand the internet. It is that easy to get started. Please give me a heads up if you decide to publish anything.” This world is not like it was before, when you were first here! There are some marketing tricks I want to share with you, and before I forget, Pascal Derrien says hello!
Humphrey Bogart: Pascal Derrien, he is the Irish/French chap I read about -the one to lead the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. You know some famous people Donna-Luisa.” He drawls as he stands up, leaning close to the window sill.
Humphrey Bogart: “Okay baby girl, will do. I met John White and Jim Cody while on beBee yesterday. I'm also in a few hives and the insights shared are good. Will let you know when I’m ready.” He looks out the window and into the sky…
 My thoughts return to 2016…

Social Media and the blogger

Online sharing can attract mass attention or no attention. Your choice!
1.   Twitter is your friend. Facebook is your friend. LinkedIn is your friend. These are sources of reading traffic. Keep posting your posts!
2.   Engagement with other bloggers is good for building relationships and reviews.
3.   Engagement is necessary for strategic distribution.
4.  Twitter is your ally.
5. Get creative with main image on post. 
6. Encourage, explore and excite with words. Stimulate an action and feelings.
7. Do not be afraid to try a different platform/ social media outlet. Multiple outlets can help to drive awareness to customer friendly locations. 
8. Be consistent in distributing your work. Share daily on Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn. Respond to as many comments as possible!
9.  Remember, the reflection of your effort will return to you. Encourage, engage other bloggers. You can disagree respectfully and passionately!
10. This one is big- Automation is not your friend when you are building relationships.Quality, value, substance is needed. Engage as frequently as you can. 

There is another group of 'Red-carders' and they are 'Engagers.' Deb Helfrich Chief Human Relations strategist. Sergio Urea Chief Data Strategist. Debasish Majumber Chief Storyteller. Sue Chien Lee Chief Health Strategist. Willemijn Heideman Vice President Environmental Care. Donna Brewster Chief Commentary Support. Rasagna Pulapaka Chief Commentary Supporter. Dr Shashi Kant Chief Medical Supporter Humanitarian. Shelley Brown Chief Creative Innovation Wordslayer. Samira Akpan Major Project Planning and Storytelling. 

It is with pride and honor I present my 'Red-Carders' and 'Engagers' they hold the Blogging Society in our internet space together. They overlap in their 'responses' and engagement. They all bring energy and vibrancy, without which we would all be left with meaningless humdrum rhetoric!

Can you handle a different opinion? Publishing means anyone who has access can read, and not everyone will share your sentiments!

My perception and your reality may differ, and this is our blogger's prerogative! Stay tuned as each society has a lot more than a couple blogs can offer. Next, a new society filled with cheer-leading bloggers. Citizen Blogger signing off.

Thank you for reading and engaging! I appreciate your presence! 
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  1. These are the names that all of us aspire to be someday. :)

  2. Great to see so many of our mutual friends deservedly highlighted in these two posts Donna-Luisa. I really think we have not yet begun to see how things will ultimately unfold. Keep up the great work!

  3. Neil, thanks very much for reading and commenting.. Its now 3 parts.. Who are the Bloggers. Who are the bloggers - Red Carders, and Who are the Bloggers -Cheerleaders.. :-)