Monday, 23 November 2015

United We Stand - The Child In Me: Vive la France 2

Last week Saturday 14th November,we were gripped with aftermath of horror fear and many emotions of grief and disbelief. Terrorists attacking the day before in Paris, France rocked me, and I felt the brevity of my mortality.
It is a week now, and while I watched the news, and followed the response from France and its allies, I wonder what it feels like to the child. The feeling of safety and awe of this great life they live. Their normal, can be many things based on where they reside.
For us, our kids or grand-kids and our neighbors young ones may be looking at the television and wondering about the shows on cable or local channels. The questions that may play in their little unpolluted minds and innocent hearts if aware, is why? Why is there hate? Why do they want to hurt the people? Who will stop them? Where is the love?
For the child life is simple and they can be impressionable at an early age. They are holding iPads and mobile phones before they can speak, and the nanny may be Miss Kindle Fire or Miss iPad. I was quite shocked one day when my nephew at 3 years asked, "auntie, your iPad, can I use please". I don't have an iPad but my Winbook looks like one, and that's the power of branding.
His little fingers could click and search easily. He can't even read or write very well but he sure knew what to do! Remembering this makes my reflection even more sad. As I recall the events in Paris, the casualties are now more, much more than those who died or were wounded. The families and friends, sons and daughters, who live  are left behind. They live and they will grieve. 
What are the answers to the children when their mother or father, auntie or uncle, grandma or granddad  does not return suddenly? 
When the world moves on to the next tragedy, what are the answers these children all over will hear?
While searching for a music video on YouTube, I came across this video. Its one of those songs to teach the children about unity and the philosophy of true freedom. I listened, and if you do the message is clear. Those who are fortunate to have electricity and a television will be listening to what should be. They will be learning this. For a while they will be in the ideal, even if its for a few minutes.
The reality though is like the road above. There will be twists and turns in their little lives. They will move from the lush green healthy glow of the unknown as they grow, to a different world. A world which is totally opposite to the impressions from their early existence. They will however have the dreams of peace, and maybe the drive to make a difference, based on what is communicated at home, school, and religious groups.
I paused at religious groups as its my belief they can be quite divisive. A paradox of those who claim to be building up moral and spiritual values, going beyond to becoming instigators of hate, evil and injustice. The list can be longer, but its my choice to manage these in my reflections! The 80/20 rule again, with the 20% overshadowing ( a real dark-side) the good of the 80%.
The beautiful songs of inspiring unity and belief of justice and peace will remain, and one day  fade away. Society and all the evils of the world will change the beautiful undeveloped roads they knew to something different. I hope they have the courage to resist.
I hope they will remember the cutesy ponies and good songs. The different colors all united as one. Race not a factor, not even a consideration. Everyone different, yet all the same.
This is what I wonder about Paris, France  and the world today. 
If you have a moment please enjoy this very short video below, you may even wish to learn the words! From "Quest for Camelot" - United we stand.
How can we help our children? I hope you enjoyed or found these reflections interesting. Engage with me;  comment, share and lets increase in value these words for ourselves and others.
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