Sunday, 22 November 2015


 I read a post by one of my friends on LinkedIn, Ibukun Adebayo, quite inspiring... and the words poured out. My fingers move on their own when I feel intensely. It would not accept the comment and being quite new on this platform, thought maybe it should be on my own.
There is a crisis worldwide which cannot and should not be avoided. The surge of refugees in the war torn middle east has magnified  to epic proportions , making the word 'epic' insignificant. Where are they all to go? There are not many countries offering the opportunity to help relocate, simply because it is almost impossible to conceive. These nations, once thriving and prosperous are now broken mortar, with blood mixed in. Lost societies, not for archaeologists to seek out in the future, but here in the present. The following is my expression, simply unable to contain;
" We wake each morning preparing for work or school, our life a distant regard for what lays outside our embryo.We plug in technology like a right of daily passage, devoid of the electricity some can't know of. We use the ATM, and plastic pieces of silver, clicking sometimes for the purchases of goods thrown away tomorrow. Our children know the word refugee as someone else’s problems brought about by luck and chance of birth - not of our world, yet in this world. Who gives the clothes for their backs to another? Who places food not eaten, yet rotting, before decay to another? Whose accounts are so filled with trading currency that can be lost, all gaming and betting- making the rich, rich? A made up fallacy, or a broken ideology, of a caring society - this world.
Finally, I live on the dreams of hope that we can be free in our hearts to be our brother’s keeper. I live on the dreams that my small part no matter how insignificant I can make someone smile - if only for a second, to be filled with something other than pain. I live on the dreams that my children will know that the causes I live for are simply more than I can ever hope to be worthy of. I live with the dreams that though the wealth I do not know yet will find me, so that I can multiply what I can give. I live with my dreams that my legacy to this world will be that I was here, I gave, I made you smile, and maybe you had a peaceful night. Maybe you experienced the hunger pains deep in the heart of your belly less. In the embryo of my world let me not forget you also need a place to rest."
My first post, I hoped to be something different, but today I will honor the refugees, because I believe the world is able to do more. We are the world.

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