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Trafficking & D-Wordslayer

Traffick Driving
I’ve never thought of myself as a ‘Traffick Driver” but it will be joining my job description very soon. I have LinkedIn to thank for this, and I'm not sure if free labor is really free! I can't complain, because where else will you find so many free  writing contractors as so many have advised on this forum. I'm wondering if I have masochistic tendencies hidden somewhere  - and please note the dictionary I use states "Someone who enjoys causing their own suffering." That's the Urban Dictionary for the softest meaning! I do enjoy my time here.
I even have the perfect picture (from a few years ago) which will show that I know what to do in a car. I will make the claim and accept the blame, for trying to navigate around the steep roads. I must do this, if my words must get through this ‘under construction zone.'
This is not me operating at even 25% of my capacity, so I’ll make the disclaimer upfront – I can do ‘badass all by myself’. I believe there was a movie with a title close to that, so I’m advising, I cannot remember the movie, the actors and the script. I have not paused to go to a google search because I’m on a roll, and if I stop I will come off this road, and run into a fire hydrant!
A couple weeks ago I decided to try directing ‘traffick’ to me. I wanted the traffick to see me and my beautiful words! I was tired of waiting on someone to pass by and view, read, like (or dislike), and share. I was so enthused about getting the traffic to come towards my direction; I did not read the signs;
LinkedIn Followers  Traffick Signs
  1. I followed, connected with you to increase my number – sorry you are anonymous
  2. I followed you because I like something you said – just please don’t contact me, I’m not interested in you
  3. I wrote a nice note asking to be a contact with you - Didn’t you get the memo..duh?Don't contact me, until I contact you
  4. Stop – I don’t know you. I can’t remember you. Who are you. Why are we connected anyway?
  5. No Response Required – Like, comment, share – appreciate your communication said non verbally engagement via actions
  6. Thank you – I will be sure to check this out!
  7. Du dum, du dum(Silence) - Wow, thanks for contacting me – like , share, comment , view   and a nice note after action! 
  8. Road Closed – No one at home/ Busy/ Unavailable/ Computer not working / No internet signal
How did my road test go – Amazing!  Hey I’m a newbie; don’t knock my fifteen to thirty comments, over one hundred views , or my fifty plus likes.  Yes, I’m deliberately, writing my words because the numbers at this level have more impact this way! Yayyy, I feel great.
Human behavior can be many things, and in marketing traffick, on a large scale or tiny scale, people will react in the same way. Some folks were thrilled to get my link, my 5, 6, 7’s.  These folks are my faithful ‘die-hards’ in the making. The 8's I feel confident will read at some time and may even engage, which works well for me, as its round two traffick on that road!
Numbers one through four, are going to miss some great experiences with some great wordslayers! 
Maybe we’ve developed our relationship to the point where five, six, seven - they love knowing what I’m up to and I’m busy, trying to get traffic in their direction – if they are driving a good word-machine! Seems everyone is at that point of specially good these days. Or maybe it’s the force-field Deb Helfrich & Gary Sharp , The Unfluencers and the way we are all reacting. According to
 “a region associated with a distribution of electric charge or a varying magnetic field in which forces due to that charge or field act upon other electric charges.”
The  others I will have to work on, and for those who do not wish to  get a message from me – I am not spam,  thankfully a good wordslayer put me on my guard! Please delete me and let me put you out of your misery.
The most challenging aspect of my ‘Trafficking’ was the group message. In this 'day and age' how is it possible that when you send a group message – they stick together for all communication? With all that technology has to offer, I could be forgiven for making some persons want to ‘write me a ticket’. When you’re navigating traffic ,if you get a ticket that’s bad. It means you did not understand the road-map, and did not follow the instructions. Make no assumptions, the first rule – gather data. I wrote me a ticket, so I’m fulfilling my sentence ( haha)  by writing! I just love that judge!
Points to note when trafficking in the valley of LinkedIn;
  1. Do read your followers profile – know your audience their likes , causes, interests
  2. Review their posts and activity briefly
  3. Select a sample of those persons who normally interact on posts you engaged in previously
  4. Write your very brief invitation to review and add  a link to your post. If you have the time, use the opportunity to follow up on events, occasions and get to know your fellow wordslayers!
  5. Enjoy the feedback, and keep the conversation flowing if possible.
  6. Repeat the cycle for four posts, and maybe you will cover 300 followers. Their participation will be noticed by others – a ripple effect.
  7. Lets face it, we all would like someone to read our words. That's natural. Its why we write and publish! I wish the notification claiming ALL my followers were notified could be permanently confined to the 'word jail' for conspiracy! It is a lie without merit!
Years ago when I was just starting out in sales, I recall aiming for a few good relationships to build a strong base – sure commissions! I always had that guarantee, and felt comfortable stretching my wings, and growing that base and my income simultaneously.
Maybe it’s just time to get back to basics while the politicians figure out the best material to use to fix a road which was designed perfectly but strayed from the approved designs!
What’s your strategy for traffic management? Let’s engage by reading, liking, commenting and sharing.
* Grammar note : I have taken the liberty to create a word or two along the way and change the spelling to suit my fanciful thoughts. My writers privilege, I hope does not offend. The meaning of  the word you will see me write a lot;
Wordslayer – a storyteller with a love for words. Supporting the cause for words to be used and its work attributed to its author. #Stopplagiarism
*Phil Friedman was the first to be knighted - Wordslayer!
To my fellow wordslayers  aka all writers, authors, bloggers - thank you from d-wordslayer!
NB.. checked after avoiding hydrant! :-)

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