Monday, 23 November 2015

Vive la France!

Parlez- vous francais?
Paris has been for me a dream to come true. I have been close by in London always on business, but have not gone to that wonderful city in France. Instead, I have my dreams which I see in my bedroom, reminding me I will go one day. My best friend gave me this picture and the painter we did not know, but it looked Parisian, the chic ladies in conversation.
For my secondary education subject selection French was an obvious choice. The romance novels made it seem my prince would be french, so ‘je ne sais quoi?’  The desire to feel risqué with adventure, a mental vision of ‘joie de vie’!
As I grew older, Martinique and Quebec seemed more possible, but how French would they be? Alas, now I find some joy in experimenting in my verb conjugations, as I write whenever I can with the help of memory and Google. There is a lot to laugh at when what you mean to say gets lost in translation, or sounds foolish, yet I will not stop or give up – my apologies to any French readers!
French cuisine is also something I tried, and will not forget the French restaurant in Peterborough some years ago, when I asked for real French food, and was not delighted by that chef. He was probably trying to have a French experience like myself! I loved the dessert, a beautiful gateau of chocolate so moist and ‘delicieuse’.  I have discovered that few can make a mistake with croissants and it is my choice of safety when my French taste buds are missing the nostalgia. Still, I wish to try ‘coq au vin’, maybe I will try this soon but from my own hands.
Not Paris, No Please
'Un, deux, trois,quatre',  I hoped the news last night was not correct. I kept changing stations searching to find someone to say it was not real. There, I saw my dreams, in flames, and the people in tears, fear, hurt and pain. I read everything and saw every video available. Then logged into LinkedIn and saw the outpouring of solidarity. We are one people when we are online. We are one community from many countries. We hurt for each other, share joy for each other and we LOVE each other.
I wished to go to the theater, dance to french music, sing french songs, revel in brotherhood, not live a nightmare with the wonderful , joyous people of France. It all smashes - the romantic dreams - by the blinking lights of the police with sirens and anguish cries on my screen. This computer is a way to see what I pray will not hurt so many.
I listened to the French Anthem as the people left the stadium, two thousand plus singing in unison.  My glistening eyes could not imagine what hell they must be feeling, or what hope.  Alive, and they will sing because they are united. 
This morning I awoke to the reality, September 11, happens in a different way, a different place, same results.  Aly B. Moreno writes a post totally the French Anthem, and as I listen, I am trying to sing the words I do not all know yet the feeling of my French people and their sentiments rise. Vive la France!
Special thanks to Aly B. Moreno H and his inspirational post A & RG Mania International today. It is my hope that we can still smile with our french comrades, though it is difficult, we must have courage. The Charlie Hebdo attack, was not so long ago. I still remain Charlie.

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