Friday, 7 April 2017

Dwordslayer 2017: Marketing and Everything

Keeping YOU in my loop!

To all my followers and readers. I appreciate your support. 2017 has been good. It has brought some challenges which can only make me stronger and maybe change my vision on what I expect for the future. This blog is import to me because you read, share and are a part of my world.

For 2017, I made a decision to try to streamline my online musings and content into different categories. Business and career categories will overlap when it comes to my blog platform, because life is not one dimensional.

There are many personal reflections on a wide range of topics which will only be published here though shared sometimes on other sites from time to time. We will see how this works and will review as we move forward.

I'm also publishing on Medium some specific posts/articles via Thrive Global and Marketing &Growth Hacking publishing sites. The stories on both are quite good and also including links to these home pages.

When I publish there I will provide a link to the articles/posts here also, so you won't miss any of my writings. I'd like to get to know my followers and if you comment or like my posts here or on any link, I will respond.

Here are some new writings I hope you will enjoy at Marketing & Growth Hacking Publication;

The Social Media Follower : Following Communication
Excerpt: "There are somethings we forget about humans when we are caught up in the latest technology blitz or hype. Not many people like to ask questions. They don’t like asking for several reasons which include the fear of sounding ignorant, dumb or stupid. Communication tools and social media channels are things which demand questions to be asked, because they change so frequently. Here are some examples of the words which ‘tripped me up’, before I asked questions and investigated their meanings;"

Understanding Blogging & Social Media : Consumer Behavior
Excerpt: "Blogging is much more than sharing stories via words posted online. “One must be keen to listen to be good at blogging, because its about a conversation.” This is my understanding of blogging from my experience. Businesses have been reaching out to have this conversation. Bloggers tell a story with their reading/viewing customers, which can help influence the decision-making process."

Failing Up: There is only one 'F' word we fear as business people
Excerpt: "To be a successful business entrepreneur, you really need to get up and get going to the next round. Sometimes a referee will halt the match, allowing one of the fighters to get help and catch his breath. Take that opportunity and breathe, the business can wait, while you regroup and focus on the next round."

Thank you for reading, interacting and sharing. I hope there is something within which resonates and inspires you today! Stay awesome :-)

A short brief about me: I’m a corporate business veteran, with practical experience in a diverse range of industries — Safety/ HVAC / FMCG /Industrial Equipment /and much more . Sales ,Marketing, Business Development & Coaching are combined to deliver over 30 years experience. As an entrepreneur and blogger (Dwordslayer) I’m right now living an adventure, and looking forward to the next opportunity to challenge mediocrity. Available for business consulting or speaking engagements internationally.

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