Tuesday, 4 April 2017

Choices: A woman's right to choose

When I was pregnant with my first son, my father and the father of my firstborn wanted me to have an abortion. I was almost eighteen and preparing to go to London to continue my education at my father's home. Those plans were cancelled because I choose to have my first son.

I made that choice and this year my son will be thirty. Having him was a struggle, but I made the decision because of my belief in everyone being responsible for their life and their actions. Making the decision to keep my pregnancy was hard. I had no money, no job, no support systems. I had my faith and my unquestionable love for Jesus Christ and the belief that no matter what he would never forsake me.

I was in love and became pregnant through my own actions. There are consequences to our actions. I choose to take responsibility for my actions. Pregnancy is always a possibility when engaging in sexual activity.

The Freedom to Choose

Everyone should have the right to choose how they determine their actions when it comes to their body. Though I am not in favor of abortion, its a choice a woman has to make. For men, their sexual actions do not bring a swift reprisal or condemnation, when they impregnate a woman. Society does not condemn the behavior of 'their swimmers' going into a woman and fertilizing an egg. Males in society are given a free pass when they have children with a woman and just move on to another. If he were to 'carry a belly', he would have an opportunity to walk a woman's walk. I am quite sure men would choose abortion rather than endure the bashing society feels inclined to render to women in some countries.

There is an article I read on Medium called What We Can Learn From Romania’s Complete Abortion Ban by Ilana Gordon, and it made me consider the privilege of my past choice. Let's face it, having the ability and freedom of choice is one every human being should be granted. There are some choices many will not agree with, but when a woman has to live with body changes, emotional challenges and ongoing financial and social adjustments to her life, it should be her choice.

Here is my comment after reading this article which I want to share with you;

"Hear me out on this. A woman cannot get pregnant on her own. A male sperm needs to fertilize our eggs. Therefore the safest way to ensure women don’t get pregnant is to make it a criminal offense for men to impregnate women until they are mature enough to handle their role. Yes guys, I know not all of you are bad dudes, but you need to control those sperms that leave your body and inhabit another. Actually, it should be illegal for men to not control their ‘little swimmers’. It’s their body, and I think they are responsible for what comes out!

Abortion and planned parenthood are decisions which affect an individual; mainly the person who must face body changes over nine months. If a woman’s right to choose is taken from her, this is tantamount to regurgitating enslavement of a human being. We were once considered the property of men and in some societies we still battle those shackles.

I hear many people talking about the rights of the unborn child, and I want to find out what about the rights of the children born in circumstances where they cannot be cared for. Let me see those self-righteous folks who are willing to spend on stopping abortion, but will not sign a donation card to help parents without money to feed their children.

I am not in favor of abortion, but I think its a choice each individual has a right to make. I’m not in favor of this hypocritical society which hates human life soo much, they are prepared to kill a mother for exercising her rights over her body. If you really care about human life stop trying to harm persons who are living and breathing on the outside, for making decisions on their lives.

Its time the anti-abortion folks stop persecuting women and get to the genesis of the matter. The person who makes the pregnancy get started is male. I’m suggesting take up your fight with men, and ask them to stop having sex, unless they are prepared to man up. Keep your ‘joy-toy’ covered and safe, and get some standards. Have sex with the woman you will make your wife! Boom! "

Choices can hurt forever. Choices can also lead you to the greatest happiness you can experience.

If we cannot tell a man its not okay to let your 'semen' flow or ban or jail him for his ejaculations which inflict 'change' in another human being, then the same choice should be given to a woman.

It is my personal wish that we encourage or young women and girls to value life and not lean towards the choice of abortion. This is my advice to those for and against abortion. Let the love we feel for each other  be the reason abortion stops, and not the hate felt by the judgmental harm the life of a woman. 

***My eldest son was the apple of his grandfather's eye, and is loved beyond measure by his dad.

Thank you for reading and sharing my words. They are from my own experiences and though we may not agree, do hope for understanding and respect for differing opinions.

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