Sunday, 29 January 2017

Surrendering to Courage

We belong

This was written a number of weeks ago, and maybe its the time to be published. Right now 'courage' is needed more than before in my lifetime and maybe yours. I have a vested interest in this world, and so do you. We live here. We breathe here. We belong here, whatever color , creed, race, religious belief, social status, political belief, and the rest.

It takes all that I have and then some more to have courage sometimes. No one can claim to have weathered a storm without experiencing courage. A lion does not have to be courageous unless he has to protect his loved ones or himself. What does it mean to have courage in the face of adversity and is it something one can have when one surrenders?

Finding our courage

Imagine with me - a man leaves his family and goes to work daily and patrols the streets as a policeman. He is prepared for adversity and criminal elements. One day he is faced with a decision to save a civilian, and may need to distract the criminal and pull the person to safety. He is trained to make a decision and does this automatically. The civilian is saved, he overpowers the bad guy and is lauded for his courage displayed in executing his duty. It may have gone another way and he could have lost his life. In the line of duty he could have saved the civilian and lost his own life. Whatever the outcome his courage should be lauded.

Stay with me as you imagine -  a mother raising her children alone, not prepared for single parenthood but doing it anyway. She does a good job working and providing, nurturing and protecting. Can executing her role be considered courageous? Then imagine - the mother protecting her  children from an intruder to keep them safe, ensuring none are injured. Lets assume she lost her life while protecting her children, has she displayed courage?

Now finally, look at yourself , do you see the lion within prepared or unprepared for courageous action? Hmmm, I’d like to believe if called on we can have the courage to carry out our convictions and responsibilities. Will we protect others the way we would our family instinctively. In a blink, things change, and we are called upon to act. Our reaction, in my opinion is determined by our surrender to our courage within!

Serving others and ourselves

Sometimes there is no distinction between a call to action for serving others, and a call to action for serving self. It can never be a fair trade for one man to give his life for another based on duty and another based on love.

For all the servicemen and women in my country and the world, your courage and courageous actions are remarkable, and I thank you. I remember you today, because maybe your loved ones won't see you when I am with my own. So thank you for your courage and consideration.

Sometimes we need to surrender ourselves as an act of courage? Is that possible? Sometimes our attitudes, and ideologies need to be surrendered for us to be empowered with the courage to do what's right and not hide behind what's wrong. Maybe some convictions are taken by those without courage because it is an easy compromise. We all have it - courage, but it stays hidden until we let it out!

In a world where all we see is war, I pray for peace, love, and everyone.

Thank you for reading. If it resonates with you please share. Your thoughts on this post are greatly appreciated. When we share with each other we can gain insights and even courage!

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