Wednesday, 4 January 2017

A Story - How do you want it to end... 1

So here is the deal my friends. Today is the start of another year and I thought a story was in order. I'm not sure how long it will take to get to the end, or what the end will be, but it is loosely based on a real story. I'm not sure if it is a love story though it seems to have started that way. What I can say is, this story is about relationships. Let's jump in and get started.

Prologue: The Water

The water splashed making a sound as a head went under. The waves rose around indicating there was no more silence. Looking up their eyes met and connected, the laughter rose between them as they shared a stolen moment across the watery divide.

Dolphins mate like humans. They can show emotion through the senses, like a man and a woman feeling an immediate attraction. The mating game can start with sounds or noises which resonate between the pair of dolphins as they smell the scent of lust. Then words spoken are clicks laced with gestures and flirting, dancing like dolphins in the water.

"I saw you go below," he declared, his eyes dancing with a humorous smile fixed on her face.
"Hahaha, so you caught me, maybe no one else saw, " she laughed moving closer, to hear more from the Adonis-like male who seemed to be the main attraction of all the females present.
He smiled, moving closer to her, eager to share more. "Yes, you could not resist, and you looked incredibly beautiful doing what you were told not to do!"
A big chuckle escaped his lungs as he dipped below to rise directly in front of her. Their eyes met and stayed locked, neither wanting to look away, as a mischievous wonderful moment was shared by these two conspirators.

Her heart seemed to be beating a little faster as she ducked below the water, moving away when suddenly she wanted to stay.

Thus this was the beginning of these pseudo-dolphins mating. A ritual of time, and maybe a lot more hurdles would need to be crossed before they understood their destiny can only be made, if they would swim together.

1. Whoever you want me to be, I am

Francisco looked at his watch, then he gazed at the gate again, "where is she", he muttered to himself. Last Thursday seemed more than the five days which just went. His mermaid was on his mind, every time he thought about their exchange it made him smile. What a cheeky lady! She was sexy and adorable, so confident, wow. He did not expect her to invade his space and mind constantly since that first day, but she did. That level of passion would be incredible to be around. It was easy to see how much she loved the water, as her eyes lit up with each movement. She caressed the water , or maybe it was the other way around. Hmm he wondered, maybe some caressing was in order, but that would make life complicated, much more than it already was. As he glanced at the gate one more time he made his way to the edge of the pool, jumping in to join the class which would start any moment now.

Thelma hurried from her car to the pathway which would take her to the pool. Damn, the class was about to start. "Oh no", she exclaimed ,pausing for a moment listening to the music coming from beyond the gate. Today she did not want to be late, but there was no available parking and she kept hoping someone would leave the carpark so she could grab a space. As she continued walking, her eyes shot over the pool looking for him. Adonis-man had to be there. He never missed a class she had found out while making discrete enquiries. What was his name she wondered, trying to remember what they called him. Listening without swooning and gaping would be a challenge , but she could do it. Yes, she thought it began with an 'F', maybe it was Fred. Maybe not. It was longer, and sounded foreign, hmm, it had to be Francois. He looked like a Francois, all French and hunk-like lean. Yes, that had to be it. As she came closer quickly dropping her bag onto a chair, then her dress. She walked to the stairs and stepped into the, "this is amazing", her voice connected to the person coming towards her. " Hi Francois, its great to see you." The man approaching grimaced, then laughed loudly, " Great to see you Thelma. I can be Francois if you want me to be!" Oh damn she thought, turning red, but smiling to hide her embarrassment  - I really need to listen!


The story has started. What do you think? Will it fizzle out into nothing, or will a relationship develop? All stories have to begin somewhere, and yes, they also come to an end. The beauty about life may be difficult to see, through rose rimmed glasses. Look out for this story as it unfolds, right here.

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