Tuesday, 3 January 2017

A New Beginning

A Resolute Beginning

This year has begun and I have not shared a few posts and thoughts from this December 2016 just past. I have been thinking and was a bit engulfed with finishing the year as I started it - living!

The new year's resolution for 2017 was easy - Be Healthy, Be Happy!

There were days when the words to share would come rushing into my thoughts, yet my body would not follow through. Subconsciously, and eventually in awareness I have been resting. The rest was not the type which could be shaken by excitement, actions or movement. It was more like a meditative period of awareness and quiet. Everyone was busy. I was busy at home (5 mph !). Yet still, my pause on life helped me to find the 'yellow brick road' towards inner peace. I was able to see more. Feel more. Accept the physical pain on another level of tolerance. Finally I am able to be, simply be.

Looking behind

There is a lot to be learnt from challenges and pain. Yes, there is a lot of growth which can only take place in the fire. When I think about 2016 it will be with awareness. Each moment held something precious which could be lost if I was distracted. My God stays with us through the journey and it was an easier walk once I realized I was being carried, when I could not walk. The testing of endurance, faith, commitment, love, does not come from sitting still or simply playing it safe with life. It comes from disrupting your safe zone and walking in true faith.

Looking ahead

This will be a year of healthy living on all levels. The mind, body, soul are all in need of healthy habits. The positive reinforcement from those closest is essential to keeping on track. Whatever seeks to stand in my way or yours - lets take charge and disrupt. Let us all be responsible and grateful for a life worth living. Let us show by our actions who we are, and who we will be. We are the same people when we are healthy or in a state of disrepair. Make the choice to be that same person with a better frame. I don't know what shell you carry. I see beauty from within. Now I want to show you and see what a better framing looks like. Shine. Shine your light so brightly it forces others to stop, wanting to stand in your glow.

Thank you for reading and sharing your time with me in the past. I'm looking forward to walking with you in this beautiful present!

With Gratitude for You - Peace!


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