Wednesday, 21 March 2018

You were made to be the best version of yourself!

When challenges abound be grateful for their existence. The presence of adversity, can move us into opportunity or despair. Choose wisely how you wish to proceed. The next step always presents learnings which can be overlooked because of the smokescreen which appears before understanding and then clear vision.
I sometimes wonder about the never-ending life changes, and their disruptive influence over my life.
There was always resistance to the newness and sometimes resentment. When I looked at what appeared to be a smooth sailing life for others, my burdens and load seemed heavier than they were. As I compared my life and found it lacking, feelings of wariness and uncertainty would creep in. Then doubt, and the self-seeking for all the ‘wrong things’ and decisions. However, when I shifted my mindset, and started seeing the fullness of my life and the overflowing contents of ‘my glass’, everything changed. Suddenly, the smoke cleared, and I could see.
As I embraced and welcomed changes and disruptions in my life, the weight on my shoulders lifted. When I stopped looking at the lives of others I saw the treasures within my own existence. Then my confidence, and purpose, vision and perspective took over, and ‘my glass’ had moved beyond its capacity and required a jug to keep the contents in. Now looking for the barrel, and one day I know I will need a tank. God moves me. He makes me better, when my focus is on him, because I can see the bigness of my awesome life reflected ‘back’ at me!

Face today differently. Change the image and the way you do you. You were made to be the best version of yourself, when you dare to step out and fulfil who you are!

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