Friday, 30 March 2018

My sweetest struggle – life

No one prepares us for life. From our development in the womb of a woman, whom we will be birthed from, nothing prepares us for life. Moving from the comfort or discomfort of a small space within a human body we are formed. In love or otherwise our destiny and lives begin with the one we call mother. She is our provider, and nurturer.

Life is good. Even when its bad its good. The ability to feel and love is good. To breathe is good. To feel means we are alive. I did not always appreciate this.

There have been bad times. Tough times are real and come in varying degrees. There have been times when fear would lead to despair and anxiety. However, from the beginning of my life I had my eldest sister. I always had my family of sisters and my mother.

Every family has challenges. Some challenges are visible, and others are hidden. Eventually, perceptions are formed based on external influences, judgements are made and as a child you create your normal space. Just like in the womb, you fit within a circle until you are grown and need to move from that place you know to the unknown.

My life, my rules

We all set our codes of conduct for our lives. It comes from habits, culture, education, knowledge, beliefs, the law and societal limits but mainly from our strategy of how to live daily. Goals are influencers.

We make choices for survival, seeking our definition of success. Sometimes life can seem to move so fast it’s hard to catch up with the dreams we made yesterday. Still, we press forward, and hope if we glance behind there are accomplishments and assets for our time on this earth.

I like the stability of rules. It is almost an obsession, which a friend called my standards. They are like an immovable object, needing to be pushed or proved for change to take place. These are core to my existence, and when I break with them, there are consequences.

My life has been a sweet struggle. It has been one where I climbed to the peak and summit of goals, only to realise, there is another mountain to climb. Does this sound familiar?

When the things I feel are important are damaged or lost, I don’t feel pain. There may be temporary discomfort inconvenience. When I am ill or under the weather, the hurt, pain and discomfort I can learn to manage, and eventually will overcome and be restored. When I lose friends and people I value closely, the grief and pain feel long, but eventually acceptance steps in and I can appreciate the time with them and the impact of their presence in my space. These are some of the sweetest struggles in life.

Now, I have met another life struggle. It does not in any way feel or seem sweet. It is bitter, and cuts deep. It breaks my heart and tests my ability for clarity, but I am finding even in this life struggle, life is what makes the difference. The unknown we cannot control. Every ounce of everything I know about living and value meets at this point. My eldest sister is missing- we cannot find her. This is real.

Everything else still moves, life goes on, but when the stuff that we have no control over happens, life’s struggles are magnified. Our faith and hope in all we cannot see are necessary, as we do what we must to pass though this struggle successfully, and make it sweet once more.
*Needed to share this, today. Just for a moment, my thoughts must be collected as they reflect on the past, and find the fuel to move forward with today's reality.

Thank you for reading, commenting and sharing, this is how conversations are created, discussions happen and relationships are built. Keep safe, blessed and encouraged.

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  1. I hope you are receiving the fuel you need Donna. Struggles are real. Wishing you all the best!

  2. Stay strong, D. Hope you locate your sister very soon too.