Saturday, 31 March 2018

Disruptive Praise

Disruption & Praise

When I go before God and pray I seek comfort or am expressing my gratitude for his faithfulness and the grace he gives me daily. Worship delivers a message. It heals and removes the barriers between me and God. He gets his time and I get mine.  There are times though when our praise to God should move beyond the norm. In fact, our praise to God should never be so comfortable that movement does not take place. Yes, I’m always feeling moved, but…

Disruptive praise shakes you the worshipper. It shakes the people around you. It moves the belly, gut, the pit of your stomach, and it hurts. It hurts because something is happening. Something is moving deep within the soul, and tears may fall, voices rise, and disruption happens.

We all have things to confess daily before God and he wants to hear it. He wants to relieve us of our burdens of guilt and shame, anger and fears, hurts and momentary despair, but when its locked deep inside it must come out. Before rejoicing a battle happens. Who goes to war celebrating without fighting and slaying the enemy? So yes, let your praises disrupt you and then celebrate your victory!

Disruptive praise, shakes the people around you. They are disturbed by the sound, the words, the emotion and the fire of ‘big’ praise. Looking on, disruptive praise must touch the hearts of those within earshot. It must leave an endless list of questioning and unease for those who do not understand. When something does not disrupt or disturb it’s easy to forget. Our God does not ever want us to forget him. We must never be so complicit and complacent in our lives that we step into ritualistic praise.

In this time of deep remembrance, Jesus disrupted the world, and our praises and worship should be the same.
Disruptive praise heals and restores. Disruptive praise reminds us that loving God is an action which can be uncomfortable, but...we should never be soo comfortable we forget others, ourselves and God when we pray.

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