Sunday, 30 July 2017

The past is best left alone!

Keeping the past locked away in the past.
The temptation to look back and wish is easy, especially when only good memories are at the front of your mind. Remember the past is 'what was' and the present is 'what is .' The future will be whatever you want it to be. Keep moving forward.

I wrote the above recently and shared via Facebook. It was triggered when a friend of mine shared her thoughts on a matter and someone I knew for a long time was mentioned. When I hear his name my heart still beats fast, but a hurt and sad feeling soon follows.

Not all relationships are good. Not all relationships are worth saving. If someone cannot love you for who you are, don't try to be who they want. You can only be the best you, and anything else is a poor imitation of the beauty you are.

Love happens when we are young and we can become idealistic when it does not mature as we wish. In fact, sometimes we forget the flaws and focus on the dreams. Dreams are exactly as we want them to be when it comes to love. The illusion of perfection and happily ever after is always best when there is no 'real ending'.

For many years I held a door open. Even when it was closing there was a space and it stood ajar, with hope and wishful thinking. So many years after, when reality struck, it was like a glass of ice water covered in roses. The beauty was on the surface, but the ice running through the veins burned. It finally melted the past with its cool clear reflection. What was left was a broken heart of dreams.

Reality is good to face.

Looking back at what 'might have been or maybe' is actually not seeing what is real. Its not good to go to that place and its even worse to wish. Thus, press forward always and be happy knowing you have a past which was good while it lasted.

You are wonderfully and perfectly made - as am I.


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