Saturday, 29 July 2017

Life and Lemonade

Thankful for Lemonade

Seems like I know a lot of sick/ ill folks.

Sometimes life throws us lots of lemons, and after making lemonade, you get tired. This is the reality of prolonged illness or disability. I've found its a lot easier to smile and laugh in the face of challenges and pain. It does get better because out tolerance is heightened with our effort to improve our state of being.

As I think about the funny stuff I've seen, and the way I feel looking at others smile, I realize the only difference in happiness is choice.

We can gripe about a lot of stuff... and everyone can outdo each other in the 'woe is trouble' department. However, I've been doing a silent challenge this year, and maybe you can try it.

The Challenge

Look in the mirror and laugh at yourself. Be self- depreciating about your crooked teeth, or squinty eyes, or big butt! I have all sometimes. But find a way to laugh at you. Lighten up.

There are a lot of folks out there with serious problems and medical challenges. Don't sweat the small stuff - or big butt - I'm obsessed with that:-) Whatever is imperfect in your eyes is perfect in the eyes of another.
As for the lemonade, just be thankful you are alive to get something and keep making that juice!
Be blessed and encouraged!

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